Yellow - A New Giallo Short

Berlin, Germany

Who we are

My name is Ryan Haysom and I am the writer/director of YELLOW, a 15-20 minute short film currently shooting in Berlin. YELLOW is a homage to the Italian horror genre Giallo as well as also being a cross genre film, with influences ranging from the American thriller, to Art House cinema.

I am an experienced director on both short films and music videos, and I am also a professional Final Cut video editor. My director of photography Jon Britt is hugely experienced in the feature film world, and he was most recently part of the camera team on the feature film ‘My Brother The Devil’ which won the best cinematography award at this years Sundance film festival.


YELLOW is the story of a man obsessed with hunting down a vicious serial killer committing a series of gruesome murders across the neon lit city of 1980's Berlin.  At its core, YELLOW is a character study of human frailty and the discovery of dark secrets.

" I love everything about the Italian horror genre, and to make a Giallo is a dream come true”

Our story

We have already shot the first 3 minutes of the film in Berlin which is unlike any other city in the world, it is very cinematic and the footage looks fantastic so far. It was completely self funded,and now we’re going to be looking at you for the rest of the financing. If you love horror, and want to see a new Giallo film made, then this is your chanceto get involved

We already have a brilliant crew on board, but we need your support to be able to bring in more talented people. One of the main parts of Giallo are their outlandish deaths, and I have plotted one death in particular which will knock your socks off! SO we really looking to your support to bring in the best special effects artists possible to complete a number of deaths in the film that need complicated prosthetics.

What We Need, What You Get

We are aiming to raise 4000 pounds to support the production's final costs that we need to bring our film to life. Your pledges and donations are vital in enabling us to finish YELLOW.

These costs all adds up very fast and it will be impossible for us to finish this without you! In return for your generosity, we have created an assembly of limited edition YELLOW official merchandise to thank you for your support.

Asa supporter of YELLOW, you will not only receive priority screening privileges when the film is completed, but also lobby cards,DVD’S and very limited edition VHS copies. IMDb, and Executive Producer credits.

Every donation is appreciated; we have come up with a list of incentives to help you discover where you best fit as a supporter. This list ranges from ‘A Blade In The Dark’ to full-fledged ‘The Argento’!

Whoever you are, I truly believe Yellow is going to be a special film, that is going to stand out from the crowd of short films. We have our arms open to welcome you to our team.

Other Ways You Can Help

It’s not just about the funding, you can help us by spreading the word anyway you can. And we’d love to hear from you.

Please visit our website:

Have a chat with the Director Ryan Haysom on Twitter @ryanhaysom

Thank you so much for getting involved!

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A Blade in the Dark

£5.00 or more : Special thanks in a video and featured on all social mediaplatforms, as well as an online viewing privilege of the completed film.


Death Walks on High Heels

£15.00 or more : All of the above + your very own LIMITED EDITION 'Yellow' postcard and badges.


Black Belly of the Tarantula

£25.00 or more : ALL of the above + a DVD of the film.


Bay of Blood

£50.00 or more : All of the above + LIMITED EDITION copy of the teaser poster signed by the crew, as well as an exclusive YELLOW T-shirt AND a 70’s style lobby card of the film.



£150.00 or more : All of the above + a ' thanks' in the films end credits and on IMDb, and the full set of 70’s style lobby cards of the film + digital download of the synth film score.


Who Saw Her Die?

£250.00 or more : All of the above + very limited edition YELLOW VHS in a 80’s style ex rental box with a limited edition illustrated cover + 'Yellow' Tote Bag + exclusive illustrated poster (A3).


Lucio Fulci

£500.00 or more : All of the above + ‘SPECIAL THANKS’ credit on the film and on IMDB.


The Argento

£1,250.00 or more : All of the above + Executive Producer credit on the film and IMDB + invitation to a private screening in Berlin (Travel/Accommodation NOT included).


Black Gloved KILLER

£2,500.00 or more : All of the above + you will get the switchblade from the film, the special effects make up wounds, and the director Ryan Haysom will bake you a very special Giallo chocolate cake.