This Way Up

Loughton, United Kingdom

With visually spectacular storytelling, and a retro synthesized soundtrack, This Way Up illuminates the tale of a very normal girl in a very normal job.

University is over.

Alex worked for three years and now she's taken one small step into tax and debt and one giant leap into a call centre. But how long before part-time becomes full-time?

Alex is desperate to make it as an artist. Distracting her from her failures is Mark; hiding in the store room, popping bubble-wrap, and pretending to be an astronaut. As she struggles to work out if growing up is about holding on or letting go of ambition, she is presented with an opportunity she can’t refuse. 

A heart-warming tale of the lost generation, told with live music, office humour and an ambitious cardboard set. There will be space travel. And David Bowie.

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ANTLER was co-founded by Daniela Pasquini, Richard Perryman, Jasmine Woodcock-Stewart and Nasi Voutsas. In March 2012, the graduating students from East 15 Acting School BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre course performed scenes from their own original work at their Showcase at the Soho Theatre. Following on from this and successful performances at Debut, Antler Theatre is now heading for the Edinburgh Fringe. 'THE STAGE' review of the course: 'Without exception this is an extremely talented year in all disciplines providing the audience of agents and casting directors with a particularly fulfilling afternoon’s entertainment' 'An affectionate, quirky tale' The Stage 'Pasquini and Voutsas work naturally together, with genuine emotional integrity'. The Stage 'Inventive, Witty, Poignant' April De Angelis, playwright (Jumpy, Royal Court,2011; (A Glorious Mucky Business, Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith) ............


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