Watcher (Short Film)

Nottingham, GB

What is Watcher?

Watcher is a short horror/thriller created by Nottingham based Student and Writer/Director Frazer Varney. 

The film is being created as a final project for University in which I am required to produce a short film - all by myself!

The film follows 2 main characters, teenagers Martin and Sean as a flurry of random murders, mutilations and disappearances occur in their local area. When Martin disappears for two days with no memory of what happened, the two boys take it upon themselves to find out what is going on. Little do they know that in the shadows lurks something much more sinister than they could ever have imagined.

Why should you donate?

This is a project that I am really passionate about. I have, for a long time wanted to create a genuinely thrilling film experience, something that brings in local talents and people with a similar passion to create something that can be appreciated on a ginormous scale. 
I want to entertain people, shock people and make people want more and more and what better way to do it than creating an awesome short film, but I need your help!

How are we making it?

The creation of this film really does rely on lots of people pitching in, giving favours and helping out. I already have lots of support from my University and classmates, some of which will assist as crew of the film. The majority of filming equipment will be rented from the University or borrowed from classmates in an order to lower costs.
It's planned to be shot on Canon DSLR Cameras (550d, 600d and 650d) and shooting will commence mid January with a plan for the film to be finished by the end of March.
It will then be distributed via a limited amount of DVDs and later released online (after potentially sending to some film festivals)

What we will use the Funds for:

  • Costumes, Props and Makeup - The costume for the antagonist in Watcher is very important, so it's very important that we use the funds to our advantage and create an outstanding costume which will looks great on film. There are also a bunch of props and makeup, some small like fake blood and crime scene tape and some big -  but the costs of them add up.
  • Travel - There may be some travelling required while shooting the film and we need to make sure we can get cast, crew and equipment to locations for filming!
  • Equipment - There may be some parts of the film that we are not able to film simply with the equipment we have available. So some money will be put aside for renting out equipment.
  • Looking after people - Making sure that crew and actors are well looked after on set is a huge thing. If everyone is happy, then it makes for a great shoot. So keeping everyone fed, watered and warm is a priority for me.

What if you surpass your target?

If the target is surpassed then that would be brilliant! Any and all of the money that is raised here will be put straight into the film. It may end up being things like printing promotional material, DVD writing costs and other task, but it will all be fed right into the creation of the film.
If we do end up with any left over money, it will be donated to a charity such as Random Acts or
Day One!
Posted: Monday, 05 November, 2012 - 20:11

So, it's only Day 1 and we've already passed the 25% mark! Thank you to all who've donated so far!

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Every Little Helps!

£2.00 or more : A virtual 'High-Five!' and a thank you posted on the Watcher Facebook and Twitter pages, because you rule.


Sneak Peak!

£5.00 or more : All previous rewards and a pass to see all preview clips and trailers before the general public!


Something to keep.

£10.00 or more : All previous rewards and a DVD hard-copy of the finished film!


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£50.00 or more : All previous rewards PLUS a Personalised E-Mail of thanks, a poster signed by the director - personally dedicated to you, a Special Edition DVD of the film including bonus features plus your name in the credits of the film!


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£75.00 or more : All previous rewards plus some Watcher postcards and badges!


Something else to keep.

£100.00 or more : All previous rewards and a Limited Edition DVD which includes a prop from the film!


Best of the best!

£250.00 or more : All previous rewards PLUS the opportunity to be an extra in Watcher! (Travel to location not covered)