Buckfastleigh, GB

Some people need to have their story told. 82-year-old Viva Hamnell is one such person.

Still sparkling with good humour and an irrepressible sense of fun, her tales of life as a singer in Cornwall's legendary punk band, The Bricks, is aching to be made into a film. In this short documentary she recounts her arrest and trial for drug possession,  helping to set up Elephant Fayre - long regarded as the best festival in Britain - and her 30 years of working at Glastonbury.

We're half way there but we need your help to get the job done.

Your generosity will enable us to share Viva's incredible story and take it to film festivals around the world. We need to raise funds to acquire some amazing BBC footage of Viva performing in the 1970s, and pay to enter the documentary for international film festivals.

We've shot some stunning footage and have some great tales, but getting our hands on this footage will really complete this great documentary and give this wonderful woman the recognition she deserves.

(PS Those of you who know V well will know how modest she is about her talents. She and everyone involved in this project would like to extend their very special and warm thanks to anyone who is kind enough to donate.)


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The Bloody Brilliant

£5.00 or more : Viva and everyone involved will be super grateful for any donations you can give. Viva and Amanda will of course, send a beautifully personal thank you card or letter.


The Cor Blimey

£20.00 or more : A thank you and big shout out (if people want that) on all our social networks – Viva’s Beer Crate FB, Twitter feeds etc


The Not 'Arf

£50.00 or more : A thank you and big shout out on all our social networks - FB, Twitter plus a-personally-Viva- signed, exclusive still photograph from the film, with all our thanks and appreciation


The Right Old Knees Up

£100.00 or more : All of the above plus a BBP (Bloody Brilliant Person) invitation (plus one) to a bit of a party when the film is privately screened for the first time


God Save The Punk Queen

£250.00 or more : All of the above plus an invitation to the UK premier in Summer 2014


If You Need A Cute Tax Dodge!

£500.00 or more : All of the above, plus a personal cake from Viva’s Rayburn, a thank you in the film credits and hopefully a really lovely personal way to avoid some bothersome tax payments.