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Brisbane, AU

[What Our Venture Is]

An international short film festival is being held in Los Angeles, USA. In its 11th year, the 168 Film Project is a worldwide incubator for faith-filled media that includes writing and filmmaking competitions, training and exhibitions. The challenge to filmmakers worldwide is to be given, by draw, their uniquely own random scripture, and, in just 168 hours (7 days), shoot and edit a 10-minute thematically based film. The 2013 season of the 168 Film Project begins in April with mixers and training for filmmakers and concludes in August with the 168 Film Festival.

This year though Echolight Studios is providing up to $1 Million for feature film production and distribution to the producer of the BEST FILM of the 168 Film Project Signature Speed Film Competition. Filmmakers are competing for a creative relationship with funds attached. The relationship will be flexible, so as to complement the strengths of the winning producer. Featuring a full film distribution platform servicing theatrical, home video, digital/VOD and broadcast in both domestic and international markets. Echolight Studios is committed to high quality entertainment for families of faith. See We've paid the entry fee, now we're looking for some modest funding to ensure that we can maximise our chances of competing competitively, and, ideally, winning!

[Who We Are]

For clarity there are two groups of people involved, however, we're all interrelated and bring different skills and assets to the venture. Firstly, there is EyeKey Productions who comprise of us four young men, Ryan and Connor Grzesiak along with Judah and Asa Simard, two sets of brothers, who've grown up together making films at every opportunity! We'll be the primary creative talent for the project i.e. direction, sound, concept, script and cinematography. Secondly, A Story Cinematography, comprised of the first five of eight siblings (two of which are the brothers mentioned above) are a fledglingly film production house starting out in corporate, wedding and music video films. They're filling a number of roles in the administrative and operational support area e.g. producer, makeup, assistant director, executive producer etc.

[Where the Money Goes?]

We know that 'story' is king in any film, and that's a given for any production, however, in this project we're also wanting to avoid unnecessary audience distractions due to sub-standard acting, audio and/or lighting. Any one of these alone can pull the audience 'out of the story'. The ability to afford equipment and talent of the quality to mitigate this potential will be of invaluable assistance. The festival judges put the greatest weighting on 'story' - accordingly, we want to keep audiences focused on just that. Of course, there are the other usual costs associated with a production such as travel, catering, set design, costumes etc.

[Why Fund Us?]

We've been progressively developing our capabilities over the last few years and have been modestly successful during the last 12 months or so, both individually and collectively, such that it has encouraged us to stretch a little further in this project. Based on our research and current skills we believe we can be competitive and give the top prize a real 'shake'. Apart from the video, see some press and reviews at these links:, and, In the end though this project is just another step in the pursuit of a vision held by all of us to produce feature films (stories) that have meaningful messages and broad audience appeal. We're asking whether you want to share in the journey with us. There are no guarantees of success in terms of winning the top prize, however, what is guaranteed is that no matter the result we will have developed, yet further, our production skills on all fronts, creative, administrative and commercial.


  1. We can't know what the film is about just yet during this period of fund raising. That's the nature of fast film formats. We can only prepare ourselves in anticipation.

  2. Go to the 168Film Project and EchoLight Studios websites for in depth detail of the opportunity.

  3. There are no guarantees for success in winning top prize, only our committment to 100% effort and assured growth in experience and expertise for the future.

  4. Check out our video on this site. If you have any questions concerning the project don't hesitate to email us at Thanks a MILLION for taking the time to let us share our vision with you.

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Call from the Directors

10.00 AUD or more : A personal phone call from the EyeKey Productions team - Ryan, Connor, Judah and Asa.


Credit in Final Cut

25.00 AUD or more : Have your name up on the big screen at multiple film festivals around the world PLUS personal call from the EyeKey Productions team.


Film DVD

35.00 AUD or more : Signed DVD copy of film PLUS credit in final cut PLUS personal call from the EyeKey Productions team.


Film DVD with Bonus Features

50.00 AUD or more : A Behind the Scenes look at the production PLUS main features PLUS credits PLUS a personal call from the EyeKey Productions team.


T-Shirt - EyeKey Productions

70.00 AUD or more : EyeKey Productions T-Shirt PLUS signed film DVD with Bonus Features PLUS Credit in Film PLUS personal phone call from EyeKey Productions team.



100.00 AUD or more : Signed poster by cast and crew PLUS all the above.