UKYCC youth delegation to the UN climate talks

Durban, South Africa

What's this all about then?

In November this year, a group of 14 young people aged between 18 - 28  will be travelling to Durban, South Africa to take part in the UN climate change talks as civil society observers. We're from right across the UK, from Aberdeen to Cardiff, Belfast to Bath, London to Liverpool. We're from different backgrounds and beliefs, but we have one thing in common: we all see the need for a fair, ambitious and legally-binding deal on climate change. 

You can read a more indepth profile of us here.

The delegation were selected in April 2011 and since then have been regularly attending training sessions, learning about policy, linking up with other young people across Europe to work on a common strategy, talking to friends and family, writing blogs and articles, going into schools to talk to students about the project and coming up with as many ways as possible to make the UN more accessible. 

We're also raising money to support the Kenyan youth delegation to participate in the talks. Despite being more vulnerable to the immediate impacts of climate change, it's harder for young people from the global south to get support to attend these talks. We want to make access to the UN climate talks as equitable as possible and will be supporting them as much as we can. 

Young people at the UN? Why would you want to do that?

Young people bring energy and enthusiasm, and a sense of urgency that can sometimes be lost in the political wrangling that bogs the process down. Once at the UN, we'll work with young people from around the world to work on policy areas of particular relevance to youth, lobby negotiators, take part in creative actions, communicate back to youth in the UK and bring important issues to the attention of the media. 

Who are we?

We're a part of the UK Youth Climate Coalition, an organisation which works to “inspire, empower, mobilise and unite young people to take positive action on climate change.”

What does that actually mean? Put quite simply, we are a group of young people who are working together to create a future for ourselves which is happy, affordable, clean and safe. But we’re not just another organisation who points fingers at the bad guys and moans about how rubbish the government is. We believe that to tackle climate change, we need something new. We need an inspiring vision of how we want the world to be in the future and a movement that anyone can feel part of.

Our guiding principles

Justice across generations

Young people today, and future generations, have the right to a healthy planet that is free from dangerous climate change and is maintained through the sustainable use of resources.

Justice between people 

Climate change is disproportionately harming the health and livelihoods of people living in poverty. These people tend to be least able to influence the decisions made at national and international levels. Efforts to tackle climate change should take into account the needs of the people at greatest risk, and such efforts should address the injustices we see across the world today, not enhance existing inequalities.

Empowering young people

The impacts of climate change, and the responsibility for mitigating climate change, will fall largely on young people, as we inherit the legacies of past generations. Young people need to be empowered right now, to take action to influence decisions that will shape our lives.

Broadening and diversifying the youth movement on climate change

Climate change will affect everyone, everywhere – it’s not a special interest issue. Young people in diverse communities across the UK deserve to have their say in the climate change debate, and as a movement we can only benefit from listening to other people.

Participation and deliberation in government decision-making

No decisions about us without us! Policies on climate change mitigation and adaptation will shape our lives for decades to come, so young people must be actively involved.

A holistic approach to climate change

This isn't about numbers and targets but people, communities and the places we live in.

Why the UN climate talks?

There isn't one single solution to climate change - it's going to take a whole lot of different approaches but one integral part of that is a global deal that ensures all countries are onboard in reducing their carbon emissions. It's easier said than done - we're still sore after the disappointment of Copenhagen's failure to produce what we need. This year will be crucial, as the Kyoto Protocol runs out in 2012 and there needs to be something to fill the legal void that will follow. UKYCC have been sending youth delegations since 2008, working with young people from around the world to lobby negotiators, skill share and capacity build, learn from each other, inspire and fight for a clean, fair future. 

You can learn more about what we do at follow us on Twitter (@UKYCC) or find us on facebook.

Massive thanks for your support!

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Info from the inside

£5.00 or more : Thanks for your support! We'll send you a postcard from the negotiations, letting you know what's on the table, which countries are blocking progress and which countries are doing the most to achieve a fair, ambitious and legally-binding deal.


Track our progress!

£10.00 or more : Thanks for your help and support! We'll keep you updated with how we're getting on with our training before we go to Durban with emails and links to our blogs as they're posted, as well as sending you a postcard from the negotiations letting you know what's going on.


Wear your support with pride

£25.00 or more : Thanks for your support! For this we'll send you your very own ethical and stylish UKYCC t-shirt, as well as keeping you updated on our progress and sending you a postcard from Durban.


Talk to us while we're at the negotiations

£50.00 or more : Thanks for your support! For this, we'd like to invite you to take part in a skype call with us while we're at the negotiations. This will give you the opportunity to put questions to us about what's happening in the negotiations and what are the most important discussions taking place. It also gives you the chance to feed your thoughts in. On top of this, you'll get the UKYCC t-shirt, a postcard from Durban and email updates and blog links from us.


Meet the delegation

£100.00 or more : Thanks for your support - you're truly a legend. For your contribution, you'll have the opportunity to meet some of the delegation before they head to the UN climate talks. This can be something informal, like a chat over coffee, or a bigger event, where we can give a presentation on what UKYCC does, what we're working for and why it's important. On top of this, you'll also receive the UKYCC t-shirt, postcard and email updates, as well as the skype call while we're out at the negotiations.


Post-COP analysis

£250.00 or more : Wow - thanks for your support, you're amazing! For your generous contribution, we'd like to invite you to a pre- and post-COP meet up. This will give us the opportunity to talk to you about what we're planning on doing out there and then to look back at what took place, what the implications are for the climate and where we should focus in the future. This can be as informal (a chat over a cup of coffee) or as formal (a presentation delivered to a larger audience) as you'd like. On top of that, you'll also be invited to take part in a skype call while we're in Durban, as well as receiving the UKYCC t-shirt, the postcard from Durban and the email updates and blogs.