Tea Gardens and Coffee Houses

London, United Kingdom

Would you like to be enchanted and surprised? Taste the sweet and the sour, the delicate smell of Ceylon? Meet some lovely people whilst listening to the leaves rustling in the wind? Would you like to spend an afternoon with friends in an urban setting in London in a way you have never experienced before?

We, that is Christelle and Ludivine, respectively pâtissier and landscape architect, decided to combine our passion and love for our respective fields and create a 21st century version of London’s classic “Tea Gardens and Coffee Houses” for your and our own pleasure. This series of themed events will take place in different parts of London, much in the same spirit of the English 18th Century Tea Gardens in which people used to socialise and be entertained in the beautiful British countryside.

Our first events will be held in South London, the 18th and 19th August 2012 in the vicinity of a new temporary installation called the ReUnion, a project created by the French architects collective Exyzt and build by an array of inspired volunteers at 100 Union Street, Southwark. http://the-reunion.org.uk.
On this occasion, to celebrate the end of the Olympic games and in keeping with the ideal of a healthy sports enthusiast’s diet, pastries provided by “Gluten Free Delices”, as well as carefully selected organic teas will be served by your two hostesses in an enchanted setting, the temporary Secret Garden created by Ludivine. Because bodies in good shape and curious minds are the basics of a happy and long healthy life, some entertainment shall be provided too, such as the opportunity to participate yourself in some of the most funny, enjoyable and unforgetful “Forgotten Olympic Games” and even more!

But to make this first event of “Tea Gardens and Coffee Houses” happen, we do need a bit of your help and generosity. A donation - from just £10 to… well, that is entirely up to you - will help us make this event all the more enjoyable and surprising than we could possibly do just on our own. A complementary “Tea Gardens and Coffee Houses” gift will also be offered to each of our sponsors.

To book a place for the 18th or the 19th August , please back this project and then send an email to: ludi@blacksheepscape.com before the 13th August .Thanks.

We are very much looking forward to welcome you to a wonderful and tasteful experience!

Christelle & Ludivine

“Tea Gardens and Coffee Houses”

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I unfortunately can't be there, but it's a great idea so I'm happy to sponsor it!


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Tea Gardens and Coffee Houses
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Ceylon and Forget-me-nots

£10.00 or more : 1 tea + 1 cupcake + entertainment + gift: packet full of surprises!


Oolong and Water lily

£15.00 or more : 1 tea + selection of 3 cakes + entertainment + gift: madeleines + packet full of surprises!


Matcha and Orchis

£25.00 or more : 1 tea + selection of 5 cakes + entertainment + gift: madeleines + macarons + packet full of surprises!


Silvery Tip Pekoe and Camellia

£50.00 or more : 1 tea + selection of 5 cakes + gift: madeleines + macarons + 1 loaf Gluten Free Delices per week during 1 month to be delivered in London + 1 session of gardening / landscaping advice from Blacksheepscape + 1 packet full of surprises!