The Tales of Albion

Horley, GB

The Tales of Albion is a film consisting of 8 separate stories set in Britain and woven together by a storyteller which explores the legends and foklore of these islands.

Each film has its own style; some are comic, some are dramatic but all have a magic about them. The settings for the films range from Neolithic times to the present day. We have been shooting on and off for most of 2013 and are two thirds of the way through principal photgraphy, with block 3 due to start late March.

The film will be released on DVD, complete with commentary, behind the scenes footage and other bonus features in both PAL and NTSC formats.

The money we raise through this campiagn will go towards locations (several expensive hires), costumes (large numbers of period extras to clothe), horses (for one day to be used in 2 of the Tales) and various other expenses for block 3 of the shoot. We have been self funding up until now but have left the most expensive stuff to the end! Any money raised in excess of the target will help fund the extensive post-production process (there are a large number of effects shots needed as well as sound mixing and music recording).

Our expected release date is December 2014 but we will not compromise quality to hit a date. If the film needs an extra couple of months to complete we will take them. All of us working on the film are doing so in our spare time so it is hard to schedule around life's curious little quirks.

To find out more about the project you can visit our Facebook page where there are extensive photo galleries of the shoot so far as well as our previous movie "The Spirit of Albion". There is also a blog here and you can follow on Twitter: @AlbionStuff.  You can also visit the website of the previous film at (the website for the current project is currently under construction).

Below is a little bonus - a specially filmed music promo for "The Dreaming" by Eleanore and the Lost. Eleanore appears in one of the films and has composed 2 songs for us. Enjoy!

Closing total...
Posted: Monday, 10 March, 2014 - 22:03

So, the campaign is now closed and am so delighted we reached 75% of our target. This means that block 3 is secure and we can fund it without having to dip into the kids trust funds!!!

Thank you all so much for your support - the rewards will head your way on cpmpletetion of the shoot/release of DVD etc. Those on the higher levels will get your party invites once we know dates. 

I will try and add the occasional 'exclusive' behind the scenes snippet on here as a thank you - but of curse the best place to keep up with things is on the FB page and the blog:

oh, and twitter: @AlbionStuff

There will also be occasional updates to the website:

Thank you again - we are overwhelmed with the response... and only 2 emails back from the 1200 I sent out saying they hated the first film!

Bright blessings one and all - Gary and Joy.xx





First spend
Posted: Tuesday, 18 February, 2014 - 08:02

Hello to all you lovely backers! Just thought you might like to know that he first dip into the funds occurred last night as I ordered various bits and pieces for costumes for 'The Golden Rider' and some amazing old age prosthetics for 'Birth of the Shining Brow'.

Not the most exciting update ever, but still news!



Thank you...
Posted: Tuesday, 14 January, 2014 - 18:01

So we have hit our 10% mark - a big thank you to those of you who have sponsored us so far. 

We are having a short break from filming whilst the campaign is running but are scheduling the remaining shoots and doing final casting over this period. It looks like the last couple of lead roles have been filled and we are waiting on some VERY exciting news regarding our Storyteller character. I won't say anything more just now as nothing is confirmed but I hope to be able to make an announcement soon.

Meanwhile we press on with the fund raising... spread the word!!





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Level 1

£10.00 or more : Our thanks and the knowledge that you have helped us on our way to achieving our goal.


Level 2

£25.00 or more : A ‘Friend of’ credit on the finished film and pre-ordered DVD.


Level 3

£50.00 or more : as above, plus a ‘Making of’ e-book and PDF copy of the shooting scripts.


Level 4

£75.00 or more : as above plus a rather fetching canvas bag with the logo of the film on it.


level 5

£100.00 or more : As above, plus signed, printed copy of the shooting scripts with all the script supervisor notes scribbled on plus director's doodles & an A3 poster signed by principal cast and crew.


Level 6

£150.00 or more : All of the above, plus copies of posters of the 8 individual films, the opportunity to join us on a shoot (UK based) - OR - a limited edition printed copy of the Making of Book and a CD of the original music for the project.


Level 7

£200.00 or more : All of the above - but credit will be for 'co-executive producer', plus an invitation to either the wrap party or the premiere (UK based)


Level 8

£500.00 or more : Corporate level. All of the plus have your business logo added to our Facebook page, the end credits, DVD box and all publicity material with a 'supported by' credit in the opening titles.