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While fuelling each others potential as writers, producer and director, we The Straight Team, have written and are in the processs of producing one of the funniest and quirky sitcoms to come out of Ireland and the UK  in a long time. As our journey progresses the  more convinced we are that Straight?! will not only be a massive sucsess here in Ireland and the UK  but  we believe in its potential internationally.

Straight?! is about a backward thinking man struggling with his sexuality in a forward thinking Ireland( I mean come on like! need we say more).

We have two full series outlined and the bones of 6 episodes written with 2 episodes fully written and ready to be shot. We have had eachother in knots laughing while tossing ideas about, writing jokes and hilarious situations for our quirky and totally engaging characters to be thrown head first into.

The cast for our pilot episode has already been selected and what a talented group of people they are, we are so lucky to have found each other!. 

Now that we are about embark on one of the most exciting journeys of our lives, we need your  support and beliefe that we can make this pilot episode happen without out a major investors or funding. We have the talent the drive and commitment to make something that you as an investor will be proud to look back on and say "I helped make that happen.

Who are we?

Straight?! is written by Ger ODonnell and Barbarba Barry.  Ger has various directoral and production experience under his belt.  he has a diploma in film & Tv and a distinction in Model-Making Special Effects and design for TV & Film. Ger has worked as a professional Prop and model maker for photo calls for The National Lottery, Carlsberg Comedy Festival, 3G phones, and a 12ft cake for Jedward. As a set designer Ger has designed and built sets commercially for Young Scientist Exhibition, UTV children’s series Buscar and Barney. As a costume designer he made costumes for children’s RTE series Save That Robot. As a music video director established his own video production company, his videos have made regular appearances on Irish television channels.Gers showreel can be viewed here by clicking here.

Barbara Barry is a fashion designer for a leading Irish store who has had a passion for writing since her early teens.  She came up with the initial concept and together with Ger developed the characters and the script.

Michael is currently the executive director of the Liberties Festival.  He is now charged with the role of Producer making sure the "creatives creations" get brought to life.   

We really need YOUR support! Although our wonderful cast and crew have offered their services heavily discounted….well basically for free, we really need to pay other costs, including their expenses.  This means travel, equipment hire and insurance.  Although our budget is actually over £4000 (for editing, grading, sound etc) we need to raise more than £2000 on Sponsume.

What do I do now?

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We have selected our actors and what a talented bunch of coconuts they are!
Posted: Monday, 19 November, 2012 - 02:11

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£5 Package Deal

£5.00 or more : Receive a Credit in the Sitcom and on our wall of fame on our website.


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£10.00 or more : Receive a Credit on our wall of fame and in the Sitcom & a copy of the DVD.


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£20.00 or more : Receive a Credit in the Sitcom, a copy of the DVD & 1 ticket to the Dublin Premiere and after-show party


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£30.00 or more : Receive a Credit in the Sitcom, a signed script by the cast and crew, a copy of the DVD & 2 tickets to the Dublin Premiere & the After Show Party.


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£50.00 or more : Receive a Credit in the Sitcom, a copy of the script signed by the cast and crew, a copy of the DVD, 2 tickets to the Dublin Premiere & the After Show Party and you get to appear as an extra in the pilot.


£199.99 Package Deal

£199.99 or more : Receive an executive producer Credit in the Sitcom, a copy of the DVD, 2 tickets to the Dublin Premiere & the After Show Party and you and a friend also get to appear as an extra in the film. You get to deliver a piece of dialogue


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£300.00 or more : This is for the purchase of and can only be purchased by Roman Gorman anyone else purchasing this package will only be making a donation to Straight as per the £199.99 package. I will transfer for a contribution to Straight?! of €350. If the domain is sold to a company for advertising etc in the next two years that we split the selling fee minus your initial payment of €350. Michael Conlon