Stir To Action

Kingston, United Kingdom

STIR - - is an online magazine that promotes the most inspiring and innovative community-led responses to the financial crisis, climate change and other contemporary challenges.

It features communities creating their own local currencies, raising community-shares to build solar power stations, establishing grassroots media initiatives, transforming derelict land into community food gardens, finding ways to manage resources collectively, and sharing their stories and ideas in a global network.

What’s the free book about?

The book will feature a selection of the most inspiring and transformative stories we have gathered since starting the magazine.  The book will be FREE and distributed to the campaigners and activists who are working towards social change.

David Boyle (fellow at the New Economics Foundation) - Money and Wealth: How to Heal the Disconnect

Simon Critchley (Philosopher and teacher at the New School) - Interview about his book and the Occupy movement.

David Bollier (Commons advocate and activist) - The Commons: From the Margins to the Mainstream

George McKay (Author and teacher of Cultural Studies) - Sod it! Radical Gardening

Marianne Maeckelbergh (Author and Activist) - Occupy the US: Musings on Horizontal Decision-Making

Nina Power (Author and Activist) - Riot City: Protest and Rebellion in the Capital Review -

Raj Patel (Author and Activist) - Interview on Stuffed and Starved and the Value of Nothing

Glyn Moody (Author and Activist) - The Struggle Between Copyright and the Internet

James John Bell & J Cookson (SmartMeme Studios) - Changing the world by changing the story

Brian Van Slyke (Co-opoly Founder and Activist) - Monopoly Presents the Problem.  Co-opoly Presents the Solution

Guppi Bola & Bethan Graham (Activists) - Bring it to the Table: Creating Justice Through Food

Derek Wall (Green Party Activist) - Nonmarket Socialism

Megan Saunders - The Real Food Store (community-owned bakery, cafe, shop)

What will the money (funds) do?

It will pay for a print run of the book through Calverts — a print co-operative based in London. It will enable us to commission artists to illustrate the articles and interviews in the book, and also reward future contributors.

You contributing at the £20 level or more will allow us to make the book freely available, and get it into the hands of the campaigners, transitioners, occupiers, and general movers and shakers who want to change their communities for the better.

What if we hit the £5,000 target?

Keep giving! The more funds we raise the more books we publish and distribute, and the bigger impact we can make in spreading these practical ideas. It will also be a great help in supporting the launch of the book, expand the magazine and run workshops.

Don't forget about the amazing rewards we have to say thanks for backing our project...

A copy of the book (sample cover - it is currently being designed!!)


STIR t-shirt designed by illustrator Edd Baldry

A STIR tote bag designed by JustSeeds artist Santiago Armengod 


Weekend exploring Transition Totnes, Riverford Organic Farm and Dartington village staying at Appalachian Spring B&B


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Really pleased you exceeded your goal! Well done. Can't wait to see the book and to meet you at the London launch.
Why didn't you instead have an ebook and out it on Amazon as a free download and use the money for other purposes? The effect would be the same ie people could still get the book free. A freebie on Amazon would reach a wider audience. Plus as an ebook you could update it easily. So why go the expensive printed route?


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This project's deadline has now expired - you can no longer back these rewards

You cannot back this project, funding is now complete.


£5 - Website Supporter

£5.00 or more : A big thank you for supporting Stir Magazine on the website!


£10 - Ilustrated poster

£10.00 or more : An illustrated poster by Edd Baldry and a big thank you on the website!


£20 - Copy of the Book

£20.00 or more : You will receive a copy of a book of the most inspiring and transformative stories and ideas from community-led responses to the financial crisis, climate change and other contemporary challenges.


£25 - A copy of the book and invite to the launch

£25.00 or more : A Copy of the STIR Book and Invite to Book Launch


£35 - Tote Bag by Santiago Armengod

£35.00 or more : A copy of the Book, Invitation to Book Launch, and a Tote Bag designed by Justseeds artist Santiago Armengod.


£45 - T-Shirt by Edd Baldry

£45.00 or more : A Copy of the Book, Invitation to the Book Launch, tote bag designed by Santiago Armengod, and a T-Shirt designed by Illustrator Edd Baldry.


£60 - Pizza with a Philosopher

£60.00 or more : Have a pizza and talk philosophy with international philosophers Simon Critchley in New York (5 places) or Nina power in London (5 places) and get a copy of the book.


£65 - Friend of Stir Magazine

£65.00 or more : 1 year Friend of Stir Magazine Subscription (Book, T-shirt, Tote Bag, Poster, Invite to Launch, plus Special Invites to Events and Fundraisers and Subscriber-Only Competitions)


£200 - Green Transition Weekend

£200.00 or more : You and a friend can spend a Green Transition Weekend exploring the projects featured in STIR magazine like the home of the Transition Movement in Totnes (Devon), and Dartington's Living Social Justice Legacy (staying at the beautiful Appalachian Spring B&B, Totnes).


£225 - Founding Supporter of STIR Magazine!

£225.00 or more : Be a founding supporter of Stir Magazine - includes all of the £65 reward plus an honourary acknowledgement in the printed book and on the website as a founding supporter of the magazine!!