Solving the Great Dessert Dilemma

London, GB


Ice Italy: Tasting at the Tate from Ice Italy on Vimeo.

Developers of magical volcanic desserts, some people would reckon that we can do it all and in fact we can, with a bit of your help.

Just two years ago, a young Guido Molinari was sitting in his London cubicle peering down at his banker's dessert. Stirring up his mushy custard, he thought to himself, “Could there be more to pud than this?”

Was Guido right?

That’s for you to decide… In doing so, we’ve prepared a few FAQs to sort out all those bits and bobs, because it takes a special banker to take the jump on his own.

Desserts, puds, volcanic diamonds, that’s vague. What exactly do you do!?

We are the developers of an age-old Italian splendour, known to some as Fruttini. Our production process uses a frightingly natural process. Literally, it’s scary clean. After picking our fruits locally from the Amalfi Coast, we bring them back to the wonka lab. There, we take these sun-kissed fruits, carefully cut them in half, scoop out the pulp and then turn it into delicious gelato and sorbet.

How is this different from the stuff in my freezer?

GREAT QUESTION! Well, other than where we source and produce from, it’s what we do after the gelatos and sorbets are made that makes us extra special. Once the pulps have been changed, we then place them back to where they belong, in their very own peels. Roman Kiwi gelato served inside a Roman Kiwi. GOT IT? Bob’s your Uncle.

Roman Kiwi filled with Roman Kiwi gelato! 100% natural, 100% edible

Sounds incredible. What's next, are you going to tell me that these delicious volcanic desserts can save my family? 

Medically? Maybe. 

Spiritually? Absolutely. 

10 out of 10 pudding experts have experienced heightened feelings of joy for themselves and guests. Basically, these desserts are smashing.

What? Are you guys doctors too??

Nope, no doctor degrees here, just deliverers of all things pure. Pure, as in our products are made with 0 additives, 0 preservatives and all of our fruits are naturally grown 100% under the one and only Sun. Our products are all low-fat or fat-free and when you see us, you'll believe it!

Just down the hillside from our magical wonka factory in Italy's Amalfi Coast

Right, so you guys are magicians, heroes at heart. If these things are so good, where have they been all my life??

Another great question, chap! Some of you already know and others not just yet. For 20 years, our sorbet-filled fruits have been served in homes across Italy and have become an iconic centrepiece of dinners, celebrations, and dates amongst friends, family and lovers.

Italy is great, but how do you know this will work in the UK?

After extensive research, we’ve strikingly found that people here in the UK do in fact love healthy, great tasting natural treats, too! As testament to this, we’ve shamelessly been selling “White-Label” to some of the finest kitchens and staff in London. Some of these places include Claridge’s hotel, Hilton Worldwide, The Langham, Millennium Hotels, Marriott Hotels, The Royal Automobile Club and most recently we supplied to the Olympic Athletes at Nike's VIP House for London 2012, receiving compliments from legends Carl Lewis and Michael Johnson. Call it a test-market.

Wow, impressive! But what does it have to do with me!?

Well, we’ve decided it’s time to get these treats to your house! That means, with your help, we’ll embark on our dream to distribute to the national retailers. We’ll develop a brand name, packaging, design and share some of our fascinating and real brand stories.

World famous Montella Chestnut filled with Montella Chestnut gelato!

Ok. Ok. But!... when does your journey begin?

About two months ago! We’ve been working tirelessly (eating lots of gelato) to get the word out there. We’ve raised the majority of what we needed and have just this final bit to make sure that we make it!

Crikey, you guys sound prepared! So, I make a donation, you guys make magic, I get a gift AND I will be able to purchase these beautiful products in a supermarket near my house saving my friends, family and loved ones??

It’s true. All are saved and magic is delivered. We want you to be part of the most exciting dessert launch the United Kingdom has ever seen. Be welcomed and thanked, not only by us, but by your futures guest!

What if you didn't answer one - or any - of my questions?

Don't worry! We're in touch!


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curious about the process?

£10.00 or more : what we're thinking and updates during the course of our brand development? for your support: a copy of our bi-weekly newsletter with updates describing the pains, gains & glories of creating our brand for retail at UK’s most fabulous supermarkets! every pound helps :)


outside of Europe? want a bit of recognition?

£25.00 or more : the above newsletter + our Official Handwritten Project Postcard featuring our new branding (created with your help), and, almost forgot! a Super Special Shoutout on the new website, a jiggle of thanks from the bottom of our bellies!


want to join the party?

£50.00 or more : all the invaluable treats above +++ a VIP invite for you and TWO friends to our Official Brand Launch Party at one of London’s fancy nightclubs. this of course includes an in-person thank you, which can be redeemed in form of a smothering of dessert (handshakes & hugs also available upon advanced request).


how about a prerelease?

£100.00 or more : you'll be the first bloke or lass on the block with our special treats! +++ THE ARTISAN'S PACK!!! +++ New Branding and all: our special celebration volcanic ice cream/sorbet pack for you and up to ***20*** people delivered to your home or office + the gifts above :) Delivery limited to London.



£250.00 or more : CAUTION: this prize is not suitable for all and may lead to promotions, paid days off and may induce extreme happiness. gifts #1-3 +++ THE OFFICE PACK +++: as the name entails, this one is only suitable for the finest of galas. Our Freshly Branded Volcanic fruits (BEFORE THE STORES) for you and up to ***50 guests*** delivered to your home or office. trouble at work? looking to sweeten up a client? if you're feeling to get greedy, then this one is for you. Delivery limited to London.


ever wanted to be ROYALTY??

£1,000.00 or more : well, you'll be treated like it with this trip to RIMINI ITALY! a VIP tour and entrance to the 34th International Sigep, 2013 - the world’s largest and most important Gelato Fair in the world. this prize includes flights, transportation within Italy, tickets to the fair (from 19th to 23rd January 2013), and one night's hotel in Rimini. Note: Additional travel costs to guests outside of Europe will apply "at cost".


EMPEROR/EMPRESS more your style?

£3,000.00 or more : every commander needs to know their fields. this is your chance to see it all. A VISIT to our SECRET WONKA FACTORY in Italy's AMALFI COAST this 3 day 2 night VIP trip includes flights+hotel, tour of our magical factory and our volcanic vineyards to see exactly where we hand-pick our fruits and where we turn them into gold. how's that for traceability? Coffee, Sun, Gelato, and Vino. EMPERORS/EMPRESSSES are ALL-INCLUSIVE. Note: Additional travel costs to guests outside of Europe will apply "at cost".



£5,000.00 or more : Forget about being remembered in history, why not write it! this one man or woman's chance to control destiny. are you the CHOSEN ONE? we're looking for this one to CHOOSE THE NAME for one of our brand new products. Sicilian Tangerine, Roman Kiwi don't sound good to you? then this donation is your one chance to command an agreed upon name. ALSO INCLUDED and the most special gift of all.... the reason for the ONE of ONE... "THE GRAPE ON THE VINE" (picture a majestically hung grape vine with the pulp of its original grapes turned into heavily grape sorbet). no Kings or Queens here. this is fit for The One and Only SULTAN(ANA).