Shelter me - web site, film and photojournalism campaign with the homeless shelter of a small rural town

Totnes, GB

Last year three people died sleeping rough in the Totnes area. The homeless shelter is there to offer warmth, daytime shelter, food, and advice for some of the most vulnerable people living here. They are currently applying for a new planning status to be able to provide night shelter in severe weather. The project relies totally on word of mouth and I want to change that. I would like to offer my skills and network in the community to get a really good self managed web site built and launched, with professional photographs and a film embedded. This would make a massive difference to the outreach of the project and to their fundraising and support potential.

I am a filmmaker and photographer living in Totnes. I have worked in the film industry for fifeteen years and also make films for charities and NGO's. One film I produced for National Childrens homes about sexual abuse raised over 1/4 of a million pounds on its first showing. This really showed me the power of film to raise awarenss, open hearts, affect change and raise funds. I want to offer my skills  to the project so they can really reach out for a wider community suport and have their work clearly accesable to a wider network as well as the press for ongoing publicity and support.

The work to do this has been costed up  carefully and the £1850 target goal would pay for the web design and launch, the film production and the time to shoot the stills. From receipt of funding the project could be up and running within six weeks. The team who have quoted have all reduced their rates to bring their skills in at a cost that is incredible value for money. Your support is massively appreciated and has the potentail to offer ongoing support for people in crisis for years to come.

Additional note

I appologise for an error in the video where I say four people died last year sleeping rough in the totnes area, I got this figure from the Guardian newspaper and in fact the correct figure is three.

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