Shakespeare in a Week

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Shakespeare in a Week

Only the directors knew which Shakespeare play was being performed until exactly one week before the first performance. They now have less than seven days ,consisting mostly of evenings only, in which to learn their roles and stage the show. The show will be promenade which will immerse the audience in with the action thoughout the performance.


This is a charity show and as such has no alternative source of funding. Your donations will allow us to supplement the actors with props and costumes. Any money that is not spent will be added to the money we make and donated to Great Ormonds Street Hospital. For more information on GOSH charity go here: We have contained all our funding to the week as well to keep up with the actors so please give as little or as much as you can.

The Show

The director told us all at noon on Saturday the 2nd of February that the show we will be putting is Twelfth Night. The story of shipwrecked Viola (Carly Brown) as she disguises herself as a man to serve the Duke (Sam Dobson) and is caught in a love polygon like no other. We will be performing our version in promenade which will fully immerse the audience in the action of the play and take them to Illyria itself. 

Further Information

We will be performing Twelfth Night at 12:00, 2:00pm, 4:00pm and 7:00pm in Garden Court at the University of Southampton. For a more detailed explanation and to keep up with our progress please ready our blog at:

e-mail to reserve a ticket.
Disabled access available, if possible please give us a heads up before hand.

Tickets: Suggested Donation a minimum of £4 (All proceeds to Great Ormond Street Hospital, your generosity is greatly appreciated)

Saturday 9th Feb 12.00pm will be exactly one week after the cast met for the first time, found out what play they were doing and what part(s) they have. Is just one week enough for a team of 18 university students to produce, direct, rehearse and perform one of Shakespeare's plays? There is only one way to find out!! See you on the 9th!!!

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£1.00 or more : You have our thanks and we will thank you in our blog!


Personal Thanks

£5.00 or more : Thank you so much. You have helped us buy an extra prop. You will be mentioned in our programme and on our website.


Credited Sponsor

£10.00 or more : A free DVD of the show is yours and you will get a credit of thanks in the DVD. We will also tweet you along with all of the above.


Watch the show!

£15.00 or more : Free special edition DVD of the performance as well as all of the above! This version will include various behind the scenes features of how we managed to put this all together.


Member of the production

£40.00 or more : Thank you so much. Along with all the above you will get a free Shakespeare in a Week T shirt signed by all the cast.



£100.00 or more : Thanks you for your generosity. Your copy of the DVD will include a personalized thank you video from the cast. You will also get a signed copy of our version of the script.