Samsara Sands

Folkestone, GB

Samsara Sands is a gender- bending Zen western that explores the theme of circularity through a series of mimed duels.

The project originally began 5 years ago when, as a film student, I wrote a short film script entitled 'The Very Long Goodbye' . It dealt with the theme of circularity but was in the film noir genre. I liked this idea but I couldn't make the film work as a whole, so it sat on my self collecting dust. 

A year ago I make a vlog about westerns, discussing the lack of great westerns in recent years and, as a throwaway comment, suggested I should make the next one

It was not long after this I realised that by changing the genre from film noir to western the idea would work. From this moment everything fell into place and 'Samsara Sands' was born.

Pre- production has now begun on the project. In the gallery section below you can see some of the pictures taken by my Director of Photography Ewan Golder during the first location recce, as well as concept art for the project.

This is a project that has been close to my heart for a long time, and it would be great to finally see it made and screened at film festivals across the world. So if you like westerns or low-budget British independent with something interesting to say, then please support this film and help make my dream come true.

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