The Salon of Spanish Rejects - 2nd Social Exhibition 2014

London, GB

Who we are: is a non-profit organisation that promotes art, education and languages through education workshops and community events, to contribute towards positive changes in society.

Our project:

For our second Social Exhibition, aims is to give a platform to emerging artists who have been affected by the economic crisis and may be struggling to exhibit or continue their artistic practice. It is envisioned as a chance to reflect upon current social issues in Spain and the UK, and we will be programming a series of workshops, talks and events for the public to engage with such issues.

The Salon of Spanish Rejects has thus been conceived with a strong critical spirit, as an event of social protest in which we will denounce the huge chasm of creativity involuntarily left in Spain by these young artists. 

As the title of the project suggests, we want to draw a parallel between these Spanish artists, who have been rejected by their country’s institutions, and those French artists whose work was exhibited in the famous salons des refusés in 19th Century Paris, because they had been rejected by official exhibitions for not respecting the academic painting rules of the time.

 Just like Manet, Cézanne and Pisarro, these young Spanish artists of the 21st Century have a lot to offer a global Europe, especially regarding the creation of new aesthetic styles and subjectivities belonging to a post-capitalist panorama, in need more than ever of imagination to create a new world based on innovative economic, political and social models.

Loyal to its philosophy of educating through the arts, will complement the exhibition with a series of workshops. Artists and participants will explore issues currently affecting Spanish society as well as being invited to reflect on their relevance to British society and life in London. Such themes will include:

•    The public health service and the rights to it of the ‘aventureros’ (‘fortune hunters’, as Spanish politicians are calling the young émigrés)

•     Changes to abortion laws

•    The Gag Law in Spain, which limits the freedom of expression

•    Housing evictions

•    Education and cuts in the arts, philosophy and culture

•    Corruption

Place and Dates

Exhibition and workshops will take place from the 7th to 12th May 2014 at Oxford House, Bethnal Green,  London E2 6HG. If you would like to attend, please send an email with your name to or confirm your attendance on our Facebook page where you will also be able to see our workshop programme and all our updates!

Support us to make this happen!

All donations are appreciated and will help us to make this project happen. You can also help us spread the word on Twitter and Facebook! 

Find us on on TwitterFacebook and Youtube. For more information, you can also check our website.

Thanks for your time and support! See you at the exhibition!

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