Romance and Adventure

Glasgow, GB

Hi, my name is Josie Long and i'm a stand-up comedian.

In April 2012 me and my friend Douglas King made a 20 minute short film together called 'let's go swimming'. Set in Glasgow, it was a sad comedy with some little bits of stand up voiceover in it, about a woman trying to run away and start a new life for herself, with no success. We were chuffed to work with a brilliant cast and crew, and managed to blag good equipment to make it. Musicians that we love like Stuart Murdoch and Aidan Moffat did cameos for us and a cafe gave us free catering for the shoot, too. Belter.

We really loved making the last film and it taught us a lot. We are now desperate to make another, but we really want to pay people properly as the last film had no budget whatsoever. We want to be able to put the same crew together and actually hire the equipment we need so we don't wear out the goodwill that was shown to us. (And i hope us doing this doesn't wear out yours!). We would both like to keep making films until we can make a brilliant feature that will take us on the gravy train to hollywood. Then bad luck arseholes, you will never see us again.

I do not mean that.

The reason we are asking for your investment is that we are impatient and idealistic. We want to be able to make our film without giving up creative control, or waiting for anybody else. The money we are asking for is to pay for camera and equipment hire and post production, which we have budgeted at 9500, and to pay our seven-strong crew for a five day shoot, as well as post production people. Anything we can raise, however, would be a start for us and would make our project possible. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

The "Let's Go Adventure" Tour & Special London Screening
Posted: Wednesday, 16 October, 2013 - 02:10

Hello funders, 

We're taking the films on tour! Which is just fantastic news as we get to travel the UK showing the films on the big screen. It's a dream come true to have our films in the cinema and we hope to see you at one of the many cool cinemas we're visiting.

All the dates and details can be found at: I also put together a trailer for the tour if you fancy a look:

We have been working towards having the special sponsume screenings for people who bought the funder credit / signed cartoon and storyboard / cool package. 

The first one up is an exciting screening at the Leicester Square Empire on Monday 21st October at 6.30pm. I want to apologise for the late notice for this screening, unfortunatley it was very late being finalised with the Empire bookers.

This is a special VIP screening for you and is completely free. I hope you can make it along so Josie and I can say thank you in person. If anyone is interested in coming, please let me know by Saturday 19th October. It is a great location to show the films in a cinema with so much history. Apologies again for the short notice. If it doesn't show here, my email is 

I am also organising a Glasgow screening and I intend to let you know the details as soon as they are finalised. 


Thank you again for all your support! 

Doug & Josie 

Romance & Adventure
Posted: Sunday, 04 August, 2013 - 18:08

Hi Amazing Backers! 

Thank you all so much for backing Romance & Adventure. Your generosity is hugely appreciated, and we can't wait to get all the gifts sent out to you. I'm sure you'll be very happy (fingers crossed) once they arrive, thanks for your patience. 

The film is currently in post production and we are in the middle of mixing the audio. Nearly there - although there is still a lot of work to be done to get it over the finish line. We're all pleased with how it's turned out and we're really looking forward to getting it out in the world.  

We hope to organise 'special backers screenings' in Glasgow and in London as soon as the films are ready for public consumption. It will be fantastic to watch it with everyone who has sponsored the film! If this is too far away for people, we may have an exciting tour of the films coming soon - more on this once dates are set. Sorry to our non-UK funders, its not an international tour although we wish it was. 


Also, we are currently working on a website where we can post everything that's going on with the film. We'll be sure to let you know when it's live. 

A few people have got in touch with change of addresses, so if you need to do this as well, please let me know. 

Thanks again for helping us make the film we dreamed of making. Hope to see you at a screening soon! 


Doug & Josie and the R&A team xx 



Hello, I was just listening to Josie on the Infinite Monkey Cage and was wondering how the project was going? Hope all is well.
Will there be any screenings in Edinburgh during the festival? Optimistically, Mike There 14th to 26th)
Hello, I wish I had been able to catch the film during the tour. I'm still look forward to seeing it though, any news on when the DVDs might be available?
Are there any updates on this project? I wasn't able to go to any screenings but would love to see the film. Also, I need the A2 poster I signed up for to cover up inelegant and troubling smudges on my living room wall...
The last update I got re this project was on their face book page on the 8th of March in answer to a query I posted re the DVDs. The update was “we're still working on it I'm afraid but hope to get it all organised and out to people in a couple of months. Thank you very much for your patience and we really appreciate you funding our film.”
Last update I saw was via their face book page on the 8th of March ( ) to a question i posted re the DVDs. The answer was "We're still working on it I'm afraid but hope to get it all organised and out to people in a couple of months. Thank you very much for your patience and we really appreciate you funding our film."


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A promotional badge

£4.00 or more : These are handmade by Josie and made out of cardboard and safety pins, so they are pretty high end. They aren't twee, they are excellent.


Special Screening Night with Josie and pals! Student ticket

£5.00 or more : Join the cast, crew and caterer for a special screening of Let's Go Swimming. There'll be a sets from Josie, Kid Canaveral and others! all the action will take place at Where The Monkey Sleeps 45 Finnieston St Finnieston Glasgow G3 8JU


Thank You Postcard

£5.00 or more : Josie will design you a thank you postcard and the cast and crew will write you thank you messages. Nice, right? Yes! SOLD OUT! SO WE MADE MORE


Special Screening Night with Josie an Pals! Adult ticket

£7.00 or more : Join the cast, crew and caterer for a special screening of Let's Go Swimming. There'll be a sets from Josie, Kid Canaveral and others! all the action will take place at Where The Monkey Sleeps 45 Finnieston St Finnieston Glasgow G3 8JU


Romance and Adventure Handmade Bookmark

£10.00 or more : A handmade lovely bookmark for reading your Romance and Adventure novels.


Funder Credit on Romance and Adventure

£10.00 or more : You will get a credit as one of the people who made our film happen , as well as invites to special screenings of the film in London and Glasgow.


DVD copy of Romance and Adventure on release

£15.00 or more : We will send you a copy of the film, along with a signed postcard and a badge.


HD Digital Download to both films and work in progress videos

£15.00 or more : Sparkling HD versions of the films to download. Also have access to the cuts as they progress: first assembly - finished master.


Personalised Romance and Adventure earrings

£18.00 or more : Nadia Kamil (who also acts in the film!) will make you these brilliant earrings that are two air-mail envelope studs, (see photo in the gallery!) addressed to 'Romance & Adventure, Glasgow, or personalised or whatever you’d like. WHAT A GOOD CHRISTMAS PRESENT??? YES!


New! T-Shirts! Very Limited Edition Josie Long "Be Honourable!" T-Shirt.

£20.00 or more : In 2010 four brilliant comic book artists were commissioned to design T-Shirts for Josie Long's Be Honourable! Tour. There are so few of these in existence and there are five designs in two colours. Artists: Tom Humberstone, Anna saunders, David bailey and Eddie Ross two colours: either navy with yellow design or grey with navy design. Sizes: S-XL (I think there may be a boulle of XS, too) simply tell me the colour and size and I'll pick you one and send it!


Signed Josie Long Trying Is Good DVD

£25.00 or more : I have a few of these knocking about and if you'd like one, then i'll sign it for you and draw you some silly cartoons on it. it's the dvd of my first and second shows. there's not even any ranting about tories on them, you can see my young happy pre-coalition face and everything.


Signed poster for Romance and Adventure

£30.00 or more : Limited edition A2 screenprinted signed posters A2. The poster will be amazing. You'll also get a credit as a funder of the film.


Dvd copies of Romance and Adventure and Let's Go Swimming on release

£30.00 or more : We will send you copies of both of our films, along with postcards and badges to go with them.


Donkey Poncho Hoodie

£30.00 or more : We are selling the jumper/ hoodie that my character wears through a lot of the film. it's a ridiculous item that i bought from china because the girl in the picture looked cool wearing it, but then when it arrived it's kind of floppy and unflattering and instead of looking like a cool rabbit you look like a donkey. But it's in the film and it's very comfortable and if you like the idea of it being yours, it could be YOURS! there's only one of it.,have a look in our gallery!


Romance and Adventure Necklace

£35.00 or more : During the film I wear a little necklace made of heart shaped beads. I bought it a long time ago in a charity shop, i love it and i thought it might be a cool thing to sell for the film. Have a look at the picture of it in the gallery. i am not sure if technically it's worth much but if anyone wants it it's quite special to me and for the film too?


Signed cartoon and a story board from the film

£50.00 or more : We will send you a signed cartoon of one of the scenes in the film, drawn by Josie Long, as well as one of Doug's storyboards for one of the scenes. You'll also get a credit and invites to our screenings.


We will name a character after you

£100.00 or more : We will give one of our characters your full name. It won't be a dickhead character either, it'll be a good character, like a heroic firefighter, or a kind old man. Also included is a copy of the film on DVD.


Cool Package

£100.00 or more : Bumper package! Credit in the film, one off screenprinted signed poster, DVD/HD Download, badges and postcards!


Handmade appliqued Romance and Adventure t-shirt

£250.00 or more : I make t-shirts for myself and for people i love with appliqued slogans. They take me AGES. I will make you a Romance and Adventure one-off t-shirt, and on top of that we will give you all of the smaller perks, too!


Promotional Film from 14c, Youth Business of the Year

£300.00 or more : Get a fancy swish 60 second video for your business from 14c Studio, Youth Business Scotland Winners 2012. £1650 video for £300.


Music Video from 14c, Youth Business of the Year

£500.00 or more : A music video for your band from 14c Studio, Youth Business Scotland Winners 2012. £2000 video for £500.


Josie Long (and other comedians too!) will come and play a gig in your living room

£500.00 or more : If you choose this reward, I will bring friends to come and gig in your living room one afternoon in January, February or March. Sorry but this is only doable if you live in the UK, so please don't do this if you live outside the UK! We will perform stand up in your house for you and your friends, which is much more convenient than having to go to a poxy theatre or club.