The Revolution Will be Networked

London, GB

In 1647, during the English Revolution, the Levellers set out an Agreement of the People because relations between the people, parliament and the monarchy had broken down. In 2012, the relationship between the state, corporations and ordinary people has again broken down in an irretrievable way.

A new Agreement of the People is needed. A people’s constitution. With this in mind, five organisations have come together to make a start:

A World to Win

People's Republic of Southwark

People's Assemblies Network

National Community Activists Network

Rotherham Against the Cuts

Real Democracy Working Group of Occupy London

National Coalition for Independent Action

An assembly of working groups will  map out and network ideas to re-shape and improve the Agreement published as a working draft.

Poets Bro's Grim, Adnan al-Sayegh and Cristina Viti will add a cultural and international dimension to the day.

We need your support to cover costs of the event including venue hire, audiovisual hire, live streaming, fliers and travel expenses for performers.

And of course, we want everyone to come - sign up to the event on facebook or through any of the sponsoring organisations. If you are in an organisation you think might be interested, encourage them to become a sponsor of the Agreement of the People 2012. If you'd like an assembly to be held in your area, let us know.

If you can't come, we're live-streaming the event so look out for more details here and on the facebook event page.

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Be part of the network for radical change

£10.00 or more : Your support is needed to get this project off the ground. We will keep you posted about the progress with Agreement of the People 2012 and invite you to future assemblies that will be held in different parts of the UK.