Rethink Work

London, United Kingdom

Last year we set out to do research for a documentary about new ideas for increasing employment in Britain, the format and scope of the project changed and we’ve got all this research we want to share that won’t be included in the documentary! This book brings all the research we’ve done together into a comprehensive exploration. For certain levels of funding you will have access to transcripts and multimedia we’ve collected along the way.

As a society, here in Great Britain, we have spent a lot of time thinking about how banks and investing need to be done differently, we’ve spent less time thinking about if our jobs growth policies need updating for the digital age.

Governments all over the developed world are answering employment problems with what we believe are growth models designed for the industrial revolution.

We believe the implications of our research into the future of work will extend beyond the labour market to education, learning, human resources, public services, families, and government budgets.

We have completed some research already and interviewed people like JP Ranganswami, Indy Johar, Frank Duffy, Anna Coote, Colette Fagan, Anne-Marie McEwan, and Benjamin Hunnicutt. We have read widely as well: studies on the French 35 hour week, social insurance policies in Denmark and Germany, Kellogg’s 24 work week, to new approaches to digital learning in work. We have more research to do and more interviews to complete, but at this point, we’ve definitely got a pretty good idea of what the story is. We just need some time to put it all together!

Who are we? Chris Milton is a well-known Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability journalist who writes for the Guardian and has written for The Ecologist, Foreign Policy, and many many others. Ann Danylkiw is also a sustainability journalist.

Who will publish it and when? We aim to publish an ebook by early next year. The content of the research is so good, we expect it'll do so well we'll have a paper publishing deal too!

The idea for the project was spurred by research from the new economics foundation and Demos -- we like to think we are taking their ideas further!

For more information about this book and about the connected documentary project please see

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Chapters as they happen

£40.00 or more : all of the above and access to chapters as they happen -- pre-final draft (which means before the cutting room floor!)


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£50.00 or more : All of the above (excepting the other £50 reward) and Chris will give you some advice on the copy on your website.


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£100.00 or more : all of the above and the knowledge bank: select resources, interview transcripts, full video or audio of interviews. Notes. Great for institutions, professors, business managers.


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£100.00 or more : all of the above (excepting the other £100 reward) and Chris will do some writing and editing of reasonable length for you. N.B. reasonable length: size of a typical feature article.


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£250.00 or more : All of the above and a short-film of your very own. Ann's many talents include filmmaking. I will make a short-film (approx less than 10 minutes) for you: your website, business, family, whatever you want. Including animation and editing after the book writing is over.