Brighton, United Kingdom

ReMap is an arts initiative led by HISTORIA – a collective of photographic artists based in Brighton. The residency at BLANK Gallery in Portslade will include participatory workshops for teens and over 55s, a program of public events and a curated photography exhibition as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe in October 2012.

By engaging with the local community of Portslade, participating artists will instigate an enquiry into collective memory and the experience of place. Initially working with local young people, the investigation will develop into an intergenerational exchange of stories involving members of 'Memories Past', a Portslade reminiscence group for over-55s.

The workshops will inspire and inform the concepts and content of new work generated by the artists for exhibition. The 2-week exhibition will be complimented by a series of artists talks and forum discussions focused on exploring socially engaged practice. These events will be part of a wider programme of activity focusing on participation and social engagement led by the Brighton Photo Fringe during the first three weeks of the city-wide festival .

The stories and photographs shared and created during the workshops will also be collated and uploaded to Tumblr. This site has already been launched through a pilot project that took place at BLANK in February. Brighton History Centre and the British Library have agreed to archive the Tumblr pages to provide a legacy of the project.

Your contribution will help to provide artists and workshop participants with the equipment and materials they need to produce a high quality body of work for both the exhibition and the Tumblr site. Support HISTORIA in creating a high profile platform for its artists, BLANK Gallery and a community that is often overshadowed by the cultural hub of Brighton.

All contributions are welcome! Each contributor will receive an invite for two to the exhibition opening in October. The more money we raise beyond our fundraising goal, the more successful the project will be.

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HISTORIA are Lindsey Smith, Lynn Weddle and Barbara Taylor



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Thank You

£5.00 or more : Thank you for contributing! We look forward to meeting you at the private view!


Polaroid photograph

£15.00 or more : A unique signed and dated polaroid photograph of Portslade taken by a Historia artist.


Set of 3 Polaroids of Portslade

£25.00 or more : A set comprising of 3 polaroid photographs created, signed and dated by each Historia artist.


10 x 8 digital print

£50.00 or more : One 10 x 8 Giclee print from the ReMap project by Historia.


12 x 16 signed digital print

£100.00 or more : One 12 x 16 Giclee print from the ReMap project by Historia signed by the artist.


Limited Edition 16 x 20 photograph

£250.00 or more : One limited edition 16 x 20 C-type photograph of your choice, signed and dated by the Historia artist. Gift includes a credit as Sponsor on all web promotional material.


Limited edition 20 x 24 photograph

£500.00 or more : One limited edition 20 x 24 C-type photograph of your choice, signed and dated by the artist. Gift includes being credited as Sponsor, alongside with your logo, on all web and print promotional material.