Relive Parables

Cradley Heath, GB

From the award winning makers of Relive Easter, Christmas and Miracles, Relive Parables is our long awaited and hotly anticipated stunning fourth series.

We are incredibly excited by this hilarious and dramatic series of new films that explore The Prodigal Son, The Good Samaritan, The Great Banquet, The Unforgiving Servant, The Lost Sheep and The Wise and Foolish Builders.

Primarily aimed at children, these six short films will last between 5 - 10 minutes, bringing the stories of Jesus and their meanings to life in a highly engaging and entertaining way.  

What will the money raised be spent on?

Having already written and shot these films in HD, our next step is to pay for the post production, the manufacturing of the DVD's, the writing of the follow up resources and the marketing.  Of course this all costs money which we simply do not have.  With such a high demand for this new series, we have taken a huge step of faith and financial risk to even get them filmed.  Now we ask you to join with us to bring this fourth series to completion.  Every penny raised through crowd funding and corperate sponsorship will be spent on the above.  With the track record we have, you can be assured that your kindness will not be in vain.

Throughout the duration of this campaign, we will continue to add sneak preview clips and updates on our progress.  You can also find out more by visiting our website:

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The Good Samaritan

£5.00 or more : Any donation will be greatly appreciated and will go towards this special project. For a £5.00 donation your name will be added to our list of film supporters on our website.


The Lost Sheep

£15.00 or more : 2 free tickets to the Relive Parables Movie Premier


The Unforgiving Servant

£30.00 or more : The Above + A signed copy of the Relive Parables DVD


The Prodigal Son

£50.00 or more : The Above + Signed copies of all four Relive DVD's


The Great Banquet

£100.00 or more : The Above + A credit in the Relive Parables DVD and our website


The Wise Builder

£250.00 or more : The Above + Executive Producer Credit on the DVD and a free advert on our website


Main Sponsor

£3,000.00 or more : Become the main sponsor/partner of this project. With this you will receive all of the above, advertising on the DVD box set plus a great big group hug from from the whole team!!