Stockholm, Sweden

Your chance to take part in the next generation of storytelling...

With nods to Lost, Life on Mars and The Truman Show, RealTales is a complex and twistedly compelling drama series that confronts questions of identity, reality and faith.

RealTales is a multi platform web entertainment project that plays out in 360°, using the entire spectrum of social media as its playground.

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A glitzy docu-soap is being made in Södermalm. Vacuous it girl FRIDA will be followed by a camera crew 24/7 and her life will be edited into a 5 minute nightly soap broadcast online Monday-Friday. Well, the interesting bits anyway.The perks

The docu-soap also features Frida's salt-of-the-earth-brother ERIK, holier-than-thou best friend ANNA and impish foster brother GUSTAV – though hotshot producer ELIN intends to edit them out wherever possible – who wants to see dull real people? She would much rather focus on Frida's daily dramas with smooth charmer boyfriend CHRISTIAN, and her gaggle of party sidekicks.

But Elin isn't truly in charge of this show. She doesn't know the half of it.

As it becomes increasingly clear that the characters are trapped in a living doll house, subject to the whims of an unseen psychological predator, the internet is set alight with rumours, theories... and red herrings.  The game is on. 

Can you solve the mystery before our characters?  Which team will you be on?  Will you share information with the characters, or feed them false rumours?  Will you warn them of danger or threaten to expose their secrets?

RealTales Södermalm is fast, intriguing, edgy – leaving you always asking for more...

...Our brilliant writer/producer Claire (Note: she did not write that bit.  Honest.)  moved to Sweden in January and quickly found a production company as passionate about the project as herself. We attached a fantastic cast, amazing crew, incredible writing team and are all set to go.  Almost...

Your Participation...

This is your chance to get involved on the ground floor of something huge.  And also a bit mad.

We are working on funding from different angles.  The big financiers are curious but slow on the uptake.  We don't want to wait for them to get on board with the future.  The time is now.  We are ready to challenge the accepted norm.

With your sponsorship we can move this innovative project a step further into reality by shooting our pilot. 

The Perks...

RealTales is a high-class drama made straight for the web that incorporates some elements of gaming to create a truly interactive entertainment experience.  The daily episodes are just the tip of the iceberg as the project uses the entire internet as its playground, hiding content and clues just about anywhere you can think of.

RealTales can be enjoyed either as a great drama series, or by actively entering the world, figuring out the mysteries and even becoming a character yourself...

This is where our perks are different.  By supporting us now you will be given the opportunity to be ahead of the game - literally.  In addition to the usual thanks and goodies, we're offering clues and sneak peek, prioritized access to the characters, and even a chance to step right into the series as a real-world extra here in Stockholm.




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£1.00 or more : You will get a big THANK YOU on the official RealTales homepage, as well as gratitude and a place in all of our hearts.


hundra spänn

£10.00 or more : You will get a big THANK YOU on the official RealTales homepage a warm place in all of our hearts, an official RealTales badge to embed in your website, and the chance to stream the pilot with English subtitles.


trehundra spänn

£25.00 or more : All of the above, plus exclusive access to behind-the-scenes news and footage AND a clue to the first mystery that will give you a head start in entering the RealTales universe.


femhundra spänn

£50.00 or more : All of the above plus we will also invite you to watch a LIVE stream of one of the scenes being shot, and offer you the chance to download our exclusive title track.


tusen spänn

£100.00 or more : All of the above plus a weekly e-bulletin on the progress on the series, a sneak peek of the story bible and some secret footage that hints at the central mystery of the series. In addition you will have a chance to interrogate the character of your choice via a live webchat.


Välkomna till Stockholm

£300.00 or more : All of the above, but mostly we would like to invite you to the world of RealTales and an insider's view of Stockholm. We will provide basic accommodation for your weekend stay, recommend activities and offer you the opportunity to be a real-world extra in a party scene.