Plastic Republic

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Plastic Republic

Our mission is to clean plastic pollution from the oceans using synthetic organisms, with the vision of creating artificial islands!

What are we doing?

Plastic Republic is a synthetic biology project. We want to turn plastic waste into a resource that could be used for many purposes, including building artificial islands! We are building synthetic organisms that stick tiny pieces of plastic together. To find out more about the science, check out our website

If you’re interested in more details about plastic pollution, listen the inspiring Captain Moore who first discovered it. 

A big part of our project is public outreach. That means getting YOU involved. We’re filming a documentary, airing a radio show and very excitingly, working in a public lab with citizen scientists! We’re also engaging with school students and putting on an architecture exhibit. Your support will help fund these initiatives and turn a good idea with potential into real impact.

Your reward

You can support us by claiming a piece of land on our virtual island

About the Team

We are 14 university students from UCL participating in iGEM, the world's largest synthetic biology competition. You can meet our team here.  

How do I get in touch?

Talk to us directly via Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

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Could this project recycle the plastic material recovered from the oceans for the construction of durable lightweight relief shelters that could be deployed during times of natural disasters, which seem to be occurring more and more frequently? Good luck and I hope you guys get the funding. This is a gorgeous concept! Nick McKenna
Would like to know details. Esp. regarding the bacteria to be used and how they will be controlled, or assured they will not harm the biosystem. We are finding out more and more about animal microbiomes and how important they are, must be sure these synthetic bacteria do not persist once they have done their job and do unintended things.
“Should plastic pollution be tackled by GMO?” Come deliberate the question with us next Tuesday! Register at:


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Wall of Fame

£1.00 or more : A special thank you shout-out on our website!



£5.00 or more : A virtual acre of land on Plastic Republic Select your location on our online map, name it however you please and we will email you a certificate of ownership!



£15.00 or more : In addition to your virtual acre of land on Plastic Republic, receive a beautifully printed certificate of ownership in the mail and signed thank you from the team!



£50.00 or more : A gorgeous 3D printed model of the island, designed by our resident architect Carina!



£500.00 or more : An original iGEM 2012 pin from iGEM HQ and a night out with the team!