Open Shed - a new hackspace for West Cornwall

Penzance, United Kingdom

We are Open Shed, a new hackspace based in Penzance, Cornwall.

We need your help to continue our project's great progress.  We have already begun to refurbish and kit out our newly acquired premises in central Penzance in the far west of Cornwall, UK. We want to provide a great physical space for members to work, share ideas and make things.

But there's more. We're unusual in opening in a market town rather than a city or university town.  This is a leap of faith and presents us with some challenges, but we're keen to prove that it can be done.  Part of our approach is to lay on great courses and events to bring out the latent hacker in adults and to develop the next generation of young tinkerers and makers.

We're all about empowering people to take control of the technology which surrounds us all.  Fixing electronics, recycling computers, developing phone apps, learning to program a PIC and maintiaining a bicycle are all activities we'd like to bring within.  In fact, we like these ideas so much, we set up a social enterprise to carry them out.

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Open Shed T-Shirt


We're a hackspace. We're in Penzance. If anyone can use a pirate design on some swag, then it's us! Help support Open Shed and buy one of our pirate-themed t-shirts. 

The design is to your right and available if you buy Early Bird Membership as an add-on, or if you support us at Electronics Enabler level.

They will be screen-printed at Open Shed by Open Shed members. Pirate Hackspace T-Shirts, direct from Penzance. 

These will be printed and sent out after the funding window ends. Please let us know which size you require (S, M, L, XL, XXL) when you back us by clicking on "Order Comments" on the checkout page. Thanks!


In the last three months Open Shed has gone from a seed idea to becoming a registered non-profit company with our own premises. Our team of volunteers has worked wonders refurbishing the space so far, but we need your financial help to get it finished.

We're making a vibrant and flexible place to meet people, build things, fix things. A place to work, a place to learn, space to be creative with technology. Our coworking space for members will encourage the social elements of working and foster skills and knowledge exchange.


Our membership subscriptions and coffee sales will pay for the rent and other outgoings, but we need your financial help to get us kitted out, and we have a great offer on early-bird memberships that you can but to help us reach our goal.

We are run on volunteer efforts and encourage deeper participation. We're a worker cooperative, so members who volunteer can become co-op members too and have an equal say in how Open Shed is run.

Open Shed Facilities

When finished, we will provide coworking facilities, conference and activity rooms, machine shop, bike kitchen, electronics lab, retro arcade machines, and free wifi throughout. Our café is already up and running serving great coffee to help fund the hackspace and provide a relaxed social environment.

Find out more about the project at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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I attended your Cafe last week. I have worked in a Cafe before and I would like o give you some advice. You can open up more sales by supplying different types of Coffee such as Latte, Mocha etc rather than just expresso. Even a standard Americarno would be good. The expresso's I had were almost cold. I don't think you have the temprature right on the machine. The computer controlling the machine is an excellent idea and great talking point. But having an exposed circuit board on the wall is just asking for trouble. My understanding is if that got wet then your Coffee making services are down until you can get a new circuit. A simple lunch box to protect it would be good. Also the time it takes to go to the computer, wake it up, press the link is not going to really work when it gets busy. The place has so much potential. I would sink the money into the refreshment side of things as a priority rather than buying the fun stuff. I really hope it goes well as it has so much potential. All the best G


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Pound in the Hat

£1.00 or more : Put a pound in the hat - every pound counts, and you will get that warm glow* knowing that you're supporting a good cause. (* warm glow not guaranteed but likely to occur)


Hall of Fame

£5.00 or more : A fiver will pay for a third of a large tub of paint. With our 200m2 premises we need a lot of paint! We will also need brushes, sandpaper, filler, and plenty more decorating supplies, and your fiver will help make a real difference. To say thank you we will add your name and URL to our Hall of Fame page on


Wall of Fame

£10.00 or more : £10 will help go towards trestle tables and stacking chairs so that we can run events in our main room. To say thank you we will add you to the Hall of Fame thank you page on our website with your URL, *and* write your name in good old permanent marker on our Wall of Fame so that all who visit or use our hackspace in person can see that you helped make it all possible.


Members' t-shirt

£15.00 or more : If you have purchased our Early Bird Membership through Sponsume or directly from us, you are eligible to buy one of our unique limited edition pirate-themed t-shirts for £15, direct from Penzance! These will be hand-printed at Open Shed and posted out after the funding window ends. Please let us know which size you require (S, M, L, XL, XXL) when you back us by clicking on "Order Comments" on the checkout page. Please add £5 to the total for shipping outside of the UK. Thanks!


Electronics Enabler

£25.00 or more : £25 will buy us an Arduino and some peripherals, or most of a Raspberry Pi so that we can show people how to use them in our courses and events. It will help us to stock up on commonly used components. It will make us happy folk! We'll add your name and URL to the thank you page on our website, add your name to our Wall of Fame in the hackspace, and send you a personal thank you postcard. We will also give you a month's membership if you would like to use the space too! SWAG: Electronics enablers will also receive a fine hand-screened T-shirt, to announce that you got West Cornwall hacking. Please let us know which size you require (S, M, L, XL, XXL) when you back us by clicking on "Order Comments" on the checkout page. Please add £5 to the total for shipping outside of the UK. Thanks!


Early-Bird Membership

£50.00 or more : A full year of membership to Open Shed at a reduced rate (regular annual cost will be £75). This will entitle you to use the full complement of Open Shed facilities, and come and work in our coworking space.


Corporate Angel

£250.00 or more : Donate £250 or more and we will tastefully and prominently attach your company logo, URL and a thank you note to the equipment you have helped to buy, as well as adding you to our Hall and Wall of Fame. We will send you a photo too, and three of our eminently desirable hand-screened t-shirts!