One Toke Under The Line

Leeds, United Kingdom

Short Film - 10​ mins

Comedy/Real life.

About the Film:

Jack and Bud are recovering from a vicious hangover and all they want to do is smoke a spliff. One problem stands in their way: Finding a lighter. Simple right? Jack and Bud encounter every obstacle possible in their mission to get high, and without a smoke to chill them out some unresolved issues start to bubble to the surface. It’s Spaced meets Harold and Kumar.

One Toke Under The Line is a hyperbolic, comical depiction of a dilemma that many smokers encounter at the worst of times. While Harold and Kumar is a natural comparison, One Toke is actually much more grounded in reality because the situations that arise aren’t bat shit insane (e.g. not paying the gas bill so they can’t light the spliff on the stove) and the dialogue is intended to be improvised to retain a sense of verisimilitude. While the film’s main concern is to entertain and bring a smile to people’s faces, it still deals with a sincere friendship that is suffering from a recent ‘female’ indiscretion that neither character has the courage to discuss. This ‘white elephant’ starts to rear its ugly head as Jack and Bud grow more and more frustrated in their quest to light their joint

We in fact made a version of this film already a couple of years ago, but it was shot on a humble Sony camcorder because we missed just making a movie for the pure joy of it. Since making it people have responded brilliantly, which is why we’ve decided to raise funds and reshoot the picture with higher production values in the hopes of entering festivals in an effort to raise our profiles and try seduce money for a feature film we have in mind, which I pitched at the Raindance Film festival to the likes of Gareth Edwards (Director/writer of Monsters) and I managed to win fourth place and a prize – so we must have some clue as to what we’re doing! Please feel free to check out the original at our website (and view some of our other work too, we are a fully functioning production company).

Please express your opinions towards the original and we'll incorporate your views to help reshape the new version into the best remake Hollywood has seen since Heat (King Kong was pretty cool too).

To make this happen we need your help to complete our budget. If you like the sound of One Toke then please summon your inner altruist and donate whatever you can to the making of this light hearted, sweet natured tale of friendship – and getting stoned!

Every penny counts and you’ll have the chance to contribute to a film that will have festival audiences (and hopefully producers!) in hysterics; something that most festivals are crying out for. It’s a film that is… dare I say it… fun!

With your donations, we'll shoot in March and edit through April, so come May we'll be ready to submit to festivals and arrange a premiere with the aid of our good friends, BRAINWASH.

Crowdfunding is a unique funding opportunity (small amounts of money from a lot of people) but, more than that, it puts filmmakers back in control by incentivising funding for short film projects.

The Perks:

Everybody that supports One Toke Under The Line gets something in return. From a big THANK YOU to copies of the DVD and Credits on the film. There are a host of unique perks, have a little look-see!

The Team:

Alastair Collinson (Producer/Director/Jack):

My first short was a satirical comedy, The Double Glazing Berserker, and it was screened at several festivals, commended at the Guernsey International short film festival and nominated for best low budget short at the Halloween Shorts Festival 2004. I studied film and moving media image at college and then went on to complete a Film and Television Production degree at the University of Westminster. I specialised in writing and my script for a Lynx/Axe commercial went on to win best in brief, best casting and best overall commercial at the Kodak Commercial Awards 09 held at Bafta (also available on the website).

I then worked as Assistant Director of Media for Triangle Financial Services, Miami, where I directed online content, read and reviewed a plethora of scripts, and wrote and developed treatments. I left my position so that I could work in the capacity of screenwriter; Triangle commissioned me to write an action/adventure about two famous Vikings, Erik The Red, which will hopefully go into production in 2013 ( I have recently been commissioned to write another screenplay for them. Of late I have also produced/directed/written and performed in a series of sizzles and online content through Uncharted Productions.

Stephen James (Producer/Writer/Sound Recordist):

Stephen James’s specialities lie in sound recording and writing, and he has recently started getting involved in producing. He has co-written numerous scripts with me including the aforementioned feature we’re looking to fund in the future and a television series treatment that was optioned to a film finance company in the US. Currently he does a real job that involves auditing (poor man!) but he has also been working on projects for Uncharted Productions in a variety of positions.

Dean Graham (Bud):

Dean has acted in a wide variety of plays and has performed numerous times at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where this year he garnered excellent reviews for his role in Blood Brothers. He is currently auditioning for the west end production of The Lion King. He has also starred in dozens of short films. He is in his final year of study at Lincoln University and is on target for a first in performing arts.

Davey Gilder (Cinematographer):

Davey is the real deal; actually working full time as DP on music videos, short films, commercials and sizzles. He studied cinematography at Westminster Film School, graduating in 2009 with First Class Honours. Before finishing his degree his commercial Lynx - You Never Know Who You Might Turn On won Best Overall Commercial at the 2009 Kodak Commercial Awards (the one I wrote).

Since graduating Davey has worked continuously on short film projects, commercials and music videos. Working with noteworthy artists such as The Guillemots, and Cradle of Filth. His passion for cinematography is demonstrated by his accolades, which include a best cinematography shortlist for the short film Inept at the Cambridge International Film Festival in 2011 and Encounters Film Festival 2010 for the Kodak Film School Competition. He also won a cinematography nomination for the short film Containment at the Screen Test Film Festival in 2010. Most recently his short film The Good Samaritan was shortlisted for the 2011 Virgin Media Shorts, and the same film also won fourth place in the Frame Pool Competition at Cannes Lions.

Rory Gordon (Editor):

Rory has worked on a number of award winning and nominated shorts. He recently has been accepted on the prestigious NFTS Editing MA course and has worked as assistant editor on several features including upcoming sci-fi/horror, Storage 24 (produced, written by and starring Noel Clarke).

Guy Prescott (Co-story creator/everything else):

Guy is a Swiss knife equivalent on set; he is an everyman that can assume any role at a moment’s notice and is willing to do anything for the benefit of a movie – once he filmed a scene for hours standing waist deep in freezing water!  He’s also the ultimate film buff; just try beating him at sceneit.

Imrano Maumoniat (store clerk):

Imrano is a man of many talents; he hosts a very popular radio show in Leeds, brilliantly named The Imrano Show, which you can check out on 107.3fm. He has also presented a number of TV shows where he interviews and converses with numerous celebrities, including Mr Richard Blackwood recently. Also if you’re a regular viewer of Emmerdale, chances are you’ve seen Imrano – somehow he squeezes in time to be an extra as well. And did I mention he directs and writes short comedies as well? Go check out his stuff on his facebook page, there’s lots to be entertained by!

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