This is Not a Recession it's a Robbery!

London, GB

Under the cloak of austerity the primary purpose of this government is to move public money into private pockets!

The artist taxi driver takes to the road interviewing people suffering under the ideological destruction of the welfare system: nurses, the homeless, the unemployed, people on workfare, people who have suffered at the hands of the likes of ATOS along with bankers, economists, MPs, judges, lawyers, royals, comedians arms dealers, royals wizards, bishops and Lords...

Conducting dozens of interviews and uploading them onto youtube on the day!

But then editing a 90 minute film and proving that this government is involved in privatising public services with the sole purpose of increasing their own power and wealth by the embezzling of public money into their own kleptocric golddigging pockets.

I intend to film it on my phone with some extra cameras but going filming up to 50 people around the country takes a lot of time... worktime.

Filming on my way to work fine at lunch fine... but taking weeks off it aint gonna happen.

I want to make this film... I can do it.

This is not a recession its a robbery....and I intend to prove it.

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Outstanding, men! On my feet for an ovation, But hey: we're all tired from our jobs which we're supposed to be thankful to have, or learning to hate knowledge at school, or getting fixes of virtual revenge on computer games, or chilling with junk food in front of the tube, or surfing porn. Drinking and toking. Clinging to what we've got while the treadmill accelerates. The situation is hopeless: don't give up!
We lack the resources for industrial growth because there has been a multi-generational capital strike against energy and primary resource innovation. The controlled education system, the controlled research establishments and the controlled media, would have you forget anything that suggests growth is possible. Would have you believe growth is impossible and that our betters are managing a difficult situation for the best. That's because those 83,500 people who have USD$500 million and more in the bank, those at the very top, those who own 32% of all wealth... (and want the 61% of wealth owned by the 385 million adults turning them into the servant class, those who have $50,000 or more in the bank (the rest of all adults, those who have less than $50,000 in the bank which totals 7% of all wealth - basically living pay check to pay check - are doomed to die in a post-industrial world that is being imploded even as we speak - the death starts when the plug gets pulled on the banks as in Cyprus, and the police are rolled out to corral people into ghettos)) ...are in their position because they have the ability to create artificial scarcity, and the ability to co-opt, derail, discredit, arrest and kill anyone who threatens to break-through that scarcity into plenty. The fact remains we have the technology to circumvent centralized control. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a blow for freedom. We need to build around bitcoin the ability to create emergent markets for cryptocurrencies and to make promises to one another without reference to central authorities. Once we have that we can dispense with the banks altogether. Beyond that, we must also have the ability to register our desires and ideas. This can be done with currency as well. This provides a superior means of governance turning cryptcurrency into vector currency and completing the valuenet process. Beyond cryptocurrencies like bitcoin there is a free internet itself. Systems like namecoin take internet beyond the restrictions the internet faces today. Replacing the physical layer with a combination of shortwave and near field transmissions, provides the basis of a totally free method of global communications. The third aspect beyond a free system of currency and finance free communications and self governance is free production. This is where 3D printing and self replicating machine systems come into being. Organizing on the scale for self sufficiency in all things of 100 to 10,000 people - without giving up any aspect of lifestyle, using this core technology, is an immediately achievable goal. I can say this with certainty because I was involved, while in school, with the 1970s studies on space colonization. A generation of very smart engineering students across the nation spent several years asking a very basic question, how could 100 to 10,000 people survive with an upper middle class lifestyle in the wilderness of the moon or the asteroids or Mars, living off of rocks and sunlight, without any inputs of any resource whatever? Bottom line, there are solutions. WIth self replicating machines and free access to technical data, those solutions are not costly. Farming methods developed for space colonies in the 1970s have been adapted to aeroponic farming and hydroponic farming today. With 3D printing and simple digital control systems that are made with organic semiconductive plastics we can build self-replicating systems that support aeroponic farms. 10,000 people can be fed to upper middle class 1968 standards, provided all medicines, along with paper, wood, fiber, cotton, leathers, and cost only 2 hours of labor per month - including payment for all resources every one to sustain it. Here's an overview of how 320 acres of aeroponic farmlands provide those things for 10,000 people in space Its a solved problem. All we have to do is put it together. Here's my take on it. Making use of solar powered hydrogen balloons that support Fuller type geodesic spheres that house aeroponic farms Solar power if done properly provides more than enough energy for us all. I describe that here; We have plenty of resources. The same drone technology that now causes so much hardship around the world is easily adapted to transport goods and people anywhere anytime at far less cost than any legacy system. All powered by sunlight. Here's a way to make superb homes using a homebuilding robot Here's a 3D printed building made of concrete made from found materials on site - using solar power this can be extended to ceramics These are SOLVED problems people. ALL THEY LACK ARE ADEQUATE CAPITAL and that's because there's been a capital strike combined with an enforced amnesia by the controlling oligarchy. Machinery that takes soil and rock and separating it into its contituent parts to make glass, concrete, silicon, and metals, can be done on a small scale with 3D printed machinery. Building a self-sufficient village for 100 families supporting a life style equivalent to that of an upper middle class American of the late 1960s, would be capable using this technology, of replicating itself in less than 3 months, from soil water and sunlight, harvesting wood from natural old growth timber, using balloons from the air, and only 10 hours per week for the 3 months of every able bodied villager. To house feed clothe educate and free the 2.2 billion families from this humble beginning requires only 6 years of effort following a 4 year program to build the first village of 100. I even have a simple econometric model to reward early adopters. This need not weigh heavily on the last persons to enter the new system with the right cryptocurrency relations. It does pay back those who spent the extra time and effort to expand the system however. This is how the folks who invest early-on get paid, if they desire it. Since the number of new people exceed the number of existing folks, the new adopters pay less than the early adopters per person. The early adopters get a portion of the output of the later ones, if they desire it, but no more than was originall expended by the early adopters in the first place. All are guaranteed the ability to produce by the process, since all are self sufficient at the end of the day. Free trade thereafter with the surplus. We should never forget that free trade is only free if ALL who trade have a surplus to trade. Otherwise there can be no free trade and what we call free trade is actually servitude if there is no surplus. The important thing to remember is that money and finance and governance must represent something real at the end of the day, if it is to have any meaning. We need to get back to the basics in small groups of trusted individuals each using advanced tech that is freely available, to create self replicating villages. Once that basic infrastructure is in place, we then have the basis of trading the surplus of each village with others across the planet to build upon this base the sort of world we deserved and perhaps thought we had in the beginning.


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