The Night Shift - Pub Tour

London, Bristol and Brighton, GB

Great classical music. In a pub.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone's amazing generosity we have now hit our funding goal! However you can continue to donate until Monday 3pm. Any extra funds received will be ploughed back into the tour, enabling us to better promote it, and increase the number of lower priced tickets on offer. Plus you will continue to receive your rewards of course!

What’s not to like?

We’re going to keep this really short and sweet, because you all need to know is in the video above. In a nutshell, we need your help to bring our late-night concert series, The Night Shift, back to your local for our second ever Night Shift pub tour.

Last year we held out first-ever Night Shift pub tour, made possible by your fantastic support and donations. We took three musicians from the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment on tour to five boozers across London for what was a heavenly mix of Henry Purcell, Pints and Pork Scratchings. The tour was a hit – not just with punters (over a thousand of you came), but also with the press and our musicians.

We’ve done one-off pub gigs since but now want to do a full-scale Pub Tour again, and we need your help to make it happen.

Why do the tour again?

Isn’t it a bit boring to do the same thing again?

Yes – so we’re not. This tour is bigger, better and, yes, more shiny than before.

First – we have different music. We’re expanding to four musicians and playing the best bits of 18th Century musical superstar Joseph Haydn’s string quartets, plus a complete quartet in the second set.

Second – we have NEW music. Yes, the Orchestra might be known for playing authentically, on period instruments, but we’re out to prove you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. We’ve partnered with cutting edge organisation Sound and Music, found 3 of the brightest young composing talents of today and asked them to each write a 5 minute piece for us. So during the tour you’ll hear no less than 3 world premieres of totally brand new music.

Third – we’re breaking out of town. So far, we’ve stuck firmly within the M25. But we reckon it’s time to take The Night Shift to a wider public. So, for the first time we’re taking it to Bristol and Brighton, giving more people a taste of juicy Night Shift goodness.

Fourth – Jude Law came last time and we’d quite like him to come again.

Why do you need my money?

Even if we sell every single ticket, we’re still going to lose money on each gig. We can cope with that for a one-off show but with a 6-date tour it’s less easy. Our musicians are top-level professionals, and we need to pay them not only for their performance but also for their time in rehearsal. On top of that there’s stuff like venue hire, marketing and all those little things like buying wristbands and tealights…

So we need your help to make the tour happen. We have some great rewards lined up – from a little tweet-love through to your very own private gig via a, er…composer conga.

Thanks for helping us to bring music to your local!


PS: Find out more about The Night Shift:
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We've done it! (But don't stop donating)
Posted: Friday, 16 August, 2013 - 07:08

Thanks to everyone's amazing generosity we have hit our funding goal a whole 4 days early!

Howver - you can still donate if you wish! Funding received over and above  our goall will all get ploughed into the project, and enable us to increase the number of cheaper tickets on offer, and better promote the gigs.

Plus - you will continue to receive your selected reward and everyone who donate by Sunday will receive 24 hours priority booking for the tour.

Deadline extended!
Posted: Friday, 16 August, 2013 - 06:08

Due to a day of site downtime for upgrade work our deadline has been extrended through to 3pm Monday 19 August!

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Donate a coffee

£3.00 or more : How much do you spend on your coffee every day. £2.50? £3? How about you donate your coffee to us instead? If every Night Shift fan donated the price of their morning coffee we'd be crowdfunded in no time. And if you're feeling flash why not upgrade to a £5 donation? Then we'll say thanks. In public.


Tweet Love

£5.00 or more : We'll give you a shout-out and thank you on Twitter and Facebook


A warm glow

£10.00 or more : No reward, just the warm glow of knowing you've contributed to this project. Donations at any level welcome!


Tour Postcard

£10.00 or more : We'll send you a postcard from an Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment tour


(ba)Rock on

£15.00 or more : A thank you printed on the running order plus a stick of exclusive Night Shift rock


A pint with the players

£30.00 or more : Have a pint with the players from the Orchestra, plus a Night Shift branded pint glass for you to keep


Group Hug

£50.00 or more : Feel the love. Get a group hug from the Night Shift office team


Autographed Score

£60.00 or more : The front page of one of the brand-new compositions featured on the tour, signed by the composer. You never know - they might be the next Mozart.


The Night Shift survival kit

£75.00 or more : Night Shift survival kit, for two. Includes 2 tickets, thank you on the running order, 2 drinks plus other surprises to make your evening (and morning after) that much better.


Lead a Composer Conga

£80.00 or more : It's a sexy musical snake - and you're the face.


Pub Deluxe

£150.00 or more : The ultimate Pub Tour experience. Four tickets, Queue Jump, Reserved Seating (where available), Pork products, Round of drinks, and A thank you on the running order


A lesson with the experts

£250.00 or more : Take a lesson with a musician from the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. Some level of proficiency on an instrument required!


Perfectly composed - for you.

£300.00 or more : A unique 30-second composition penned for you by one of the composers featured on the tour.


Your own private Night Shift

£600.00 or more : Your own private 30 minute Night Shift performance in your home or a private venue of your choice, with two musicians from the Orchestra. We'll even throw in a few sticks of Night Shift rock.