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WHO are we?

We are Mummy's Cooking and we’re bringing you homemade food freshly prepared by unemployed women from vulnerable backgrounds and isolated communities, who have mastered cooking authentic, ethnic cuisines by cooking for their families.

Born out of love for homemade food and a passion for bringing the local community together, we want to take you on a journey to try as many Mums’ cooking as possible while helping these amazing women gain skills and employment through the medium of cooking. As well as providing training and employment, these women will be given the opportunity to meet like-minded women, work in a commercial environment and share their cooking with foodies like us!

HOW will we do this?

The concept is simple and works in 4 easy stages:


We work with community groups, women’s organisations and job centres to reach out to women who can benefit from this opportunity. These are women who have no formal qualifications, language barriers and lack confidence, which holds them back from getting entry-level jobs.


We know they’re amazing cooks but they will need the necessary certification to work in a professional environment.So we provide fully subsidised training and support for the women to obtain a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate from Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.


To make the transition from home to professional kitchen as easy as possible, an experienced chef will guide them through this process and help them harness their skills in order to work in a commercial kitchen.


Now they’re fully equipped, oozing with confidence and raring to go, we’ll be providing these super-talented women with employment. This is the part where you get to eat delicious, authentic homemade food and meet the women who made it. This is could be at pop up restaurant, market stalls or through private catering.

WHY we need your support?

We need a little funding and a whole lot of love from you to get Mummy’s Cooking on its feet! The £3000 we raise will cover the costs of:

  • Taking this opportunity to the women who need it the most. We will work with women’s organisations, community groups and job centres; and to make these partnerships effective we need to provide support material and cover management costs. This is everything from translating and printing our Mummy’s Cooking information packs, to building trust with the women so they feel comfortable to take this step.
  • Training and support to get an initial 20 women fully certified and into employment. We want to ensure there are no barriers stopping these women from participating; therefore we will provide language support and cover transport costs for anyone who requires it.
  • Setting up our launch pop up event where you will get to eat the delicious food cooked by theses women as well as a chance to meet them and share stories.
  • Getting Mummy’s Cooking out into the market so that we can secure employment for the women and continue to bring YOU delicious homemade food.

WHAT can you do?

We need to hit our target of £3000 within a month and we can only do that with your help!

So if you are excited about Mummy’s Cooking then please dig deep into those pockets and back this project TODAY! We want to recognise all our supporters, so be sure to check out all the rewards we’re giving away on the right.

Finally, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop with all things Mummy’s Cooking! You can also drop us a message at to find out more or just to say hi!

So let’s make Mummy proud!

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A big THANK YOU from Mummy

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Mummy's Cooking in the comfort of your own Home!

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