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Could you out think a clone of yourself?

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of our backers. You are WONDERFUL and have helped us race to our funding goal with 18 days to spare. But, you know us, we are not going to relax into the final few days... We have set a NEW TARGET. Help us to reach 150% FUNDED and EVERY SINGLE BACKER will be invited to a cinema screening of MOUSE in London. 

And, because we are SO GRATEFUL, we have decided to give our Original Soundtrack as a free download to EVERY SINGLE BACKER too. Mouse is a film built on collaboration. It is not just ours, it is yours too. We're all film producers now!

Short Film - 10 mins


Mouse is a mystery/sci-fi story about Anderson, a man who wakes in a building with no idea where he is or how he got there, before slowly discovering that in each of the rooms around him are a thousand clones of himself, all of whom woke into the same mysterious scenario.

To escape he needs to outwit his 'selves' whilst overcoming the realisation that he is not the only Anderson...

Concept Visuals produced by Paul Burrows ( and available as 
limited edition, signed prints as part of our rewards system!

Mouse is also totally visual, whilst we have some wonderful sound design from the brilliant VERBAL VIGILANTE (Music/Sound Design on trailers for SKYLINE, RED TAILS, DREAM HOUSE, MEN IN BLACK 3 and more) and an excellent score, there is no dialogue whatsoever. We also have some epic special effects work from the brilliant DANIEL SOUTHGATE (effects and compositing in SEX AND THE CITY, BURN AFTER READING as well as tons of work in Advertising) which serves to enhance the story and present a world otherwise impossible to find in reality. 

To make Mouse happen we need your help to complete our budget. With your donations, Mouse will shoot in April 2012 and be complete by the end of 2012. Please get involved and support independent cinema!

Crowdfunding is a unique funding opportunity (small amounts of money from a lot of people) but, more than that, it puts filmmakers back in control by incentivising funding for short film projects.

Your money will help us buy materials to build a set, secure a place to do this, pay the appropriate wages to our excellent cast and their expenses for the shoot. Your money will also help us to rent the equipment we need.

In return for this we have set up an incentive scheme so that even a modest investment is not without reward! (they're over there, on the right). And because we have already SURPASSED our target and have decided to shoot for the stars we are giving our backers two EXTRA treats.



Please follow the project on twitter: @mouseshortfilm 

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Thank you so much for your interest, it's not just about the money but the supporters we pick up on the way too and your support means the world to us!
I've made several short films in the past, most notably The Paperboy (, which screened at over 70 films internationally, won 5 audience awards and an award from the Royal Television Society and the BFI. I have also written a host of short stories with several being featured on more than 20 times. 

I am determined to work with the best people to make sure that I deliver a truly wonderful story and a  finished product to audiences around the world.

I also really believe in crowdfunding. Like anything, I think the stories have to be worth telling and know that crowdfunding is not an entirely new phenomenon but it does mean that regular filmmakers who are unknown to the industry at large can, with tenacity and vision, make their projects happen.

twitter: @justintagg 


Everybody that supports 'Mouse' gets something in return. From a big THANK YOU to copies of the DVD and limited edition posters designed by Graphic Designer Simon C Page. There are a host of unique perks, our way of saying thank you!

Simon is busy working on the first designs for the 'Mouse' screen-printed posters and if his previous work is anything to go by they're going to be wonderful. To see more of Simon's work, look here

The brilliant Paul Burrows has produced some original concept art for Mouse and from £50 you can get a piece of this STUNNING work framed and signed as well as the DVD of Mouse, a postcard of our poster and a download link to the film too!

And if you want something TRULY unique then we have a ONE OFF - a copy of the vinyl from 1938 of Nat Gonella and his Georgians performing our signature track 'The Flat Foot Floogie' - You can have this, the DVD, poster, postcard, concept art and an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit for only £200! 





Download iPhone Wallpaper - Mouse 'X'

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Good luck with your project Justin Jane & Ian
Proud of how you are doing so far Justin. Looking forward to seeing the finished film. Amanda xx
Likewise! I am sure we will get there. I've been sorting out the castings today and there are some really talented people involved. I am very lucky to be working on this with such great support!
imo very interesting project Justin.Would like to see a film when it's done.Best of luck !
Nearly there, it has gone so well . All of your hard work has paid off. Well done JT.x
WELL DONE!!!!! Justin - how exciting. Great to be a part of this. Jane & Ian
OMG I'm going to London to see the film , so excited. Amanda xxx


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£2.00 or more : A little goes a long way, spread the love, share the project and your awesome investment on twitter and facebook and prepare for a MASSIVE thankyou and a Digital Download of our Original Soundtrack by VERBAL VIGILANTE.



£10.00 or more : You are clearly brilliant and have a soft spot for British sci-fi. By investing £10 you will receive a shout out on twitter and a DOWNLOAD LINK to download a High Quality copy of the film when it's finished and a Digital Download of our Original Soundtrack by VERBAL VIGILANTE. Not bad for a tenner!



£20.00 or more : Now you're in the big time, you get yourself a shoutout, a download link and, to top it off, a copy of the final film on DVD, in it's lovely case, shipped right to your door and a Digital Download of our Original Soundtrack by VERBAL VIGILANTE!



£30.00 or more : Not only are you a brilliant person but also a wise one as, for a mere £30, you will receive a shoutout, download link, a copy of the final film on DVD and a postcard version of the limited edition screen printed poster by Simon C Page. Not to mention the Digital Download of our Original Soundtrack by VERBAL VIGILANTE



£50.00 or more : As well as everything above, you will also receive a limited edition, framed, concept visualisation from renowned science fiction concept artist Paul Burrows. This will be signed and clearly labelled as being 1 of only 50 in the whole world! You will also receive the Digital Download of our Original Soundtrack by VERBAL VIGILANTE



£75.00 or more : A serious investment in British sci-fi film. You will receive all of the above plus a limited edition copy of the beautiful screen printed poster designed by the brilliant Simon C Page (see some of his work here, excellent stuff!). I want one!



£100.00 or more : You will receive all of the above and you will also become one of our ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS, receiving this credit on the film itself. You will also be invited to the Premiere screening where you will enjoy a night mingling with the cast and crew! You made it happen!



£200.00 or more : A one-off. You will receive the above PLUS an original good quality copy vinyl LP (from 1938) of Mouse's theme, 'The Flat Foot Floogie' - as performed by Nat Gonella and his Georgians. And, of course, you will receive all of the above stuff too!



£500.00 or more : Alongside all of the rewards you receive for being an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER, including being credited as Associate Producer on the film and IMDB, you will also get the VIP ASSOCIATE PRODUCER treatment. You will be invited for a set visit on one or our shooting days in April 2012 in Lincoln to see MOUSE being made, you will meet our crew, cast and then, in the evening will be able to join us for drinks before relaxing into an overnight stay at a top Lincoln hotel. (travel not included)



£1,000.00 or more : You, yes you, will receive all of the above (except the one off vinyl, sorry! It's a one off for a reason) and will become our EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, receiving this credit on the film itself. You will then be invited to a festival screening night out, including screening, dinner and drinks! Showbiz!