Me Buddy, Muhammad

Dublin, IE

About the Film

'Me Buddy, Muhammad' is a short film about the friendship between a young (Irish) boy and a young Muslim boy. Muhammad and Anto’s friendship starts in the playground of an inner city Dublin school and soon causes changes in both of their lives. The friendship between Muhammad and Anto is the lens that casts a look at the multicultural elements that are becoming more prevalent in Ireland, a country that in the past has had strict ideas about what it is to be “Irish”. Looking at the subject of multiculturalism, integration, immigration through the eyes of children serves to present a fresh, unbiased view of what it is to form personal relationships that are based on shared ideas, likes and thoughts. Muhammad and Anto’s friendship is not effected by their differences i.e race, religious affiliation etc. , it is formed through innocence. Their friendship allows each other to explore the different elements of two very different cultures without causing them to exist separately. 

About us

The crew are from the internationally renowned DIT School of Media, specialising in Drama Production in the BA Film and Broadcasting course. This diverse, but innovative team bring refreshing creativity to the table. 

'Me Buddy, Muhammad' Crew

  • Director - Eleanor Walsh               

  • Producer - Louise Byrne

  • Director of Photography - Ruairí Ó Tóibín 

  • Editor - Emma Day

  • Art Director - Jen Harold

  • Camera - Cian Molloy 

  • Sound - Sarah Turner

  • 1st AD - Leah Kieran 

  • 2nd AD - Eamonn Murphy 

  • Lighting - Marcus Campbell 

  • Assistant Sound - Ali Keohane

  • Assistant Camera - Jen Gilsenan 

  • Gaffer/Grip - Ciarán Dooley

The DIT School of Media has produced several successful graduates such as John Moore, Anna Rogers and Ray Foley. Our films have reached festivals and audiences as far as Galway, LA, New York, Austraila, and Bangkok. We are determined for 'Me Buddy, Muhammad' to be as successful as previous films of the DIT School of Media. 


To bring this beautiful script to life, we need funding. The money will go towards hiring high quality camera equipment to renting the perfect location to post production colour grading. We will also need to pay for travel expenses, food expenses and film distribution to festivals. Your money will also bring the characters to life through our Art Department with costumes, props, set dressing and make up.

It is important for the progress of multiculturalism in Ireland that we create diverse media content; with your help, we can.

The Inspiration

The story of “Me Buddy, Muhammad” is inspired by the time spent by the Director working in inner city Dublin. While working there she saw how the make-up of the local community was becoming increasingly diverse and how this change was  affecting interactions between different members of the community. In a country that has traditionally been a white, Roman- Catholic-centric country; the arrival of different cultures is frequently met with caution. This story aims to address this caution through the friendship of children, who in many cases do not see divisions of culture, race, religion etc as clearly as adults do.

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