Marthas & Arthurs: debut album release

London, United Kingdom

Marthas & Arthurs' debut album is scheduled for release on 16th April 2012. It's recorded already, but we need to raise £2000 to help fund the final production stages of the album.

So we're offering various bribes to people to get them to help us out: exclusive early downloads of the album; signed album CDs; hand-carved wooden spatulas; the chance to have us write and record a special song for someone or something of your choice; your own personal Skype concert; and a one-off world exclusive of Laura Marling's guitar capo, that she asked us to hold while she went to the toilet. (full list of rewards just over there on the right. And it would help us a lot if you were able to share the video masterpiece above, on facebook/twitter/email.)

Our album launch show is on Thursday 22nd March at the Scolt Head in London. The album will be on sale that night for the special price of £6. 

If you want to read a bit more about Marthas & Arthurs click up there on the right, where it says 'view profile'. Please note that we won't start sending out rewards until after the closing date of the crowdfunding appeal on Friday 23rd March. If you want to get in touch email us at

Thank you for your support.

Mary, Esther, Matt & Tom

Double-click the play buttons below to hear the following tracks from the album:

1. Ape On A Train Called Jane   2. Vine Leaves In Her Hair   3. Sally Started It All

Audio File: 

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Your music is so good I just HAD to buy the album.
Saw you guys at Honeyfest last year and was delighted to hear that a full album is on its way.


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pre-release Album Download of 'The Hit World Of... Marthas & Arthurs'

£4.00 or more : Get it long before the official release date of April 16th, and therefore be really cool.


pre-release CD Album of 'The Hit World Of... Marthas & Arthurs' (UK postage)

£7.00 or more : Be among the first human beings on the planet to hold in your hand this limited edition, reasonably eco-friendly, lovingly packaged compact disc. It's got the lyrics in a booklet and everything. (If you live outside the UK, then see the Reward below...)


pre-release CD Album of 'The Hit World Of... Marthas & Arthurs' (outside UK postage)

£8.00 or more : Same as above, but for our friends o'er the water.


Marthas & Arthurs wooden spatula carved by Barn the Spoon + Album CD

£15.00 or more : Barn the Spoon is Britain's foremost spoon-carver. He's been a regular feature at our residency nights at the Scolt Head in London, not only carving spoons, but showing us how to make fire by friction, and also just talking a lot about spoons. All the time. There will never be any more of these made ever. So this is your last chance. (see picture in Gallery on this page somewhere up there on the left) Comes with an album CD.


SIGNED copy of CD Album of 'The Hit World Of... Marthas & Arthurs'

£20.00 or more : It's a CD. Of our album. And we'll sign it. Then send it to you. For you to keep forever.


Hand-written & signed, original lyric sheet for Sally Started It All + hand-carved spatula + signed Album CD

£40.00 or more : Yes, the original lyric sheet for Sally Started It All, signed by us (we've ironed it a bit but it still oozes punk, or at least folk, authenticity). PLUS a Marthas & Arthurs wooden spatula hand-carved by Barn the Spoon. PLUS a signed copy of the album on CD.


Feather/wicker 7" vinyl wall charm + hand-carved wooden spatula + SIGNED copy of CD Album

£45.00 or more : Grab one of the last remaining copies of our very limited edition 7 inch vinyl single (early versions of Sally Started It All / Barberosophy) in bird feather and willow wicker packaging, which doubles as a wall-hanging charm (see gallery up to the left). AND get a Marthas & Arthurs hand-carved wooden spatula made by Barn the Spoon (see gallery) AND a signed copy of the album. It's all a bit much for us, we'll have to go and lie down for a while.


Your own personal Skype mini-concert from Marthas & Arthurs

£100.00 or more : We have no idea how it works because we're idiots, but MARVEL in the miracle of having us appear instantly before you LIVE on your computer screen, anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. One lucky group of our HORDES of fans in, for instance, the USA or Sweden or of course Brazil will have the opportunity to have us beamed into their home, or perhaps youth club or local cafe. We'll play for about quarter of an hour, or until you get bored.


Laura Marling's guitar capo (certified by Marthas & Arthurs) + hand-carved wooden spatula + signed Album CD

£105.00 or more : A guitar capo is a clamp that guitarists use to alter the tuning of their instrument, so that they can play in different musical keys without getting a really sore hand. When we played at Honeyfest in Wiltshire in spring last year, Laura Marling left hers behind. Obviously we tried to give it back, but she'd already left. There's a picture of her using this very capo at Honeyfest, up there on the left, in the 'gallery'. The lucky purchaser of this item will also receive a certificate of authenticity, signed by Marthas & Arthurs. Comes with a signed copy of the album on CD and a Marthas & Arthurs wooden spatula hand-carved by Barn the Spoon (see gallery).


A unique song dedicated to a person/thing of your choice, composed & recorded by Marthas & Arthurs

£200.00 or more : If you tell us someone or something that you'd like us to sing about, and give us enough details, then we'll compose and record a unique song, just for you. That's how mercenary we are. It could be an ideal present for your partner, or someone you'd like to be your partner, or a family member, or a group of people, your teddy bear or your Triumph motorcycle. Pretty much anything. But we reserve the right to decline the invitation to sing about anything racist, sexist or just really bad. (And our lawyers have reminded us to explain that we will retain all rights to both the recording and the composition, just in case you try and flog it to Pepsi.)


The last ever Marthas & Arthurs Dinner Download, in your home.

£50,000.00 or more : Although it was fun while it lasted, it's quite labour intensive going to people's houses to play in exchange for a meal. So we've kind of been laying it to rest lately, but we think we've still got ONE LAST DINNER DOWNLOAD left in us. But in exchange for a meal? No chance. Show us the money, and we'll come and play anywhere in the world...