London, United Kingdom

What's the short film about?

It's essentially a short thriller set in London; our protagonist, Jack, receives a call from an old girlfriend, now living in France, asking him to help her find her sister who has gone missing in London.

This leads him to start tracing her steps through London, taking him to cafes, a hostel and various other places in the city, seeing how unforgiving, anonymous and ultimately consuming a large society can be.

The final runtime of the film will come to around 15mins.

What we need the funding for

We're looking for money to fund the whole production of the shoot, effectively paying for the following:

  • Local places of business, for use as locations
  • Actors & extras
  • Catering
  • Transport & travel
  • Composing a score
  • Entry fees to festivals

We're already in pre-production, so the film will be shot before the fund raising comes to an end - it'll then be used to pay for all the accumulated costs.

So who is Sam & Sam?

We're a new Directing/Writing/Producing duo from London, UK, making films for the love of a good story. So far we've made two narrative shorts and one mini-documentary (some of which you can watch on our website, the latest short is almost out, just waiting for the score), and we're steadily lengthening the time and deepening the story with each new film.

Sam #1 (Sam Brewster) has a background in illustration & design, and uses his flexible self-employed status to write and produce these films; while Sam #2 (Sam Halfpenny) is an accredited writer of excellent short fiction which he transfers to screen through all aspects of the production.

The reason we're not asking for as much as others may is because we own, or co-own all the necessary equipment including cameras, lighting and camera rigs (mostly they're self-built through many man-hours)

What we're making it for

It's a film to make you think - but not as a tiresome lesson; it'll be entertaining too!

We're making this short for the same reason that anyone produces a piece of fiction; to reflect, magnify and explore the effect that people have on each other, and to hold up a mirror to our own hypocrisy or forthrightness. All of our films like to look at the duality of human nature - how to define anyone or anything as 'good' or 'evil' is always very subjective.

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can't contribute, spreading the word about Sam & Sam ( is hugely appreciated.

Also, if you're in London and are looking for a project to get involved with, we're always happy to have some extra hands on set, or input from a practised veteran - feel free to get in touch.

Thanks very much for reading all of this.

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A huge thanks

£1.00 or more : You'll be included in the Thanks section of the credits of the film. Everyone who donates £1 or more will also receive a free signed copy of the script.


Your own exclusive copy

£10.00 or more : You'll get a thanks in the credits at the end of the film, and an HD digital copy of the finished film


Designer Poster

£20.00 or more : You'll get a thanks in the credits at the end of the film, and an HD digital copy of the finished film AND a poster print delivered right to you.


Free screen print

£40.00 or more : Get a free screen print of your choosing (from esteemed illustrator Sam Brewster - from his shop (subject to availability):