London's Last Days

East End London, United Kingdom


The most diverse community in Europe, the poorest neighbourhood in Britain, 2012 Olympic Games, a visionary writer, archivists in derelict warehouses and backstreets wanderers, architecture and property porn, entropy and investment banking, pie’n’mash and vintage clothes, passages and ruins, traces, broken words and unnoticed details. Through the gripping voices of East London’s people, the documentary asks the question that looms over the capital, is there life after the Olympics?

By following the personal stories of long-time East End residents as well as new arrivals, London's Last Days uses the area’s history to predict its future after the Olympics. The narrative enters the compelling imagery of the East End through the life stories of its people, such Denis Weaver, who was raised in Clapton and public figures like politician Phillip Blond, athlete Mark Hunter and writer Iain Sinclair.

Directors' statement

As the 2012 Olympics approach, London's Last Days strives to examine the human stories behind this momentous economical situation. This is not a film about the Olympics alone, rather an attempt to explore an area which has been the crucible of such rapid waves of transformation unparalleled anywhere else in the country. 

Our aim is to provide a visual imagery which is not simply driven by computerised projections and press releases from those that stand to gain from this event. The film is not just composed of interviews and data. It calls on people to imagine something there that is not there any more and something that is not there yet. It will be the work of individual imagination. There will always be an element of fiction in peoples stories, beyond what you can simply record with a camera.

About the directors

Abi Weaver is a young filmmaker, theatre director and actress. After graduating from Goldsmiths (University of London) in 2009, Abi has been actively making film and theatre and is currently working for Indigo Film and Television. Abi also publishes on Italian Futurism and performance theory. Abi’s interest in the documentaries subject originated from her heritage being based on migration into the East End.

Daniele Rugo is a filmmaker and writer based in London. Daniele has worked on various short films and has 6 years experience (camera and editing) in the media industry. He has taught cinema in the US, UK and Australia. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from Goldsmiths (University of London) and is the editor of 'Eclisse', a publication on cinema and philosophy.

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