Light Up The Cally 2013

Islington, GB

What do you think or feel when you see festive street lights at Christmas time?

Hopefully you like the Christmas season and enjoy seeing them brightening up the street, sparkling and reminding everyone of the coming special day.

I want to help those who live, trade or just travel along, the "Cally" to have their Christmas street lights, to have that feeling when they walk down the road! Obviously £250 can't light up the whole street but it can help towards the cost :)

and of course................. there is the "switching on ceremony"  (Saturday 30th November at 4pm), with all it's pomp and grandeur, carol singing, hot spiced cider, mulled wine and roast chestnuts - everyone joining together in a festive, social and community atmosphere. Whether you donate or not, you are more than welcome to join us.

Last year it was a really enjoyable night, we had a steelpan soloist playing christmas songs, our local church choir singing carols, hot spiced apple juice and mince pies. Local young children performed for us and we all had a lovely get-together.

My bid on sponsume is only for a small amount of the total needed to provide the lights, other local residents and traders are also making efforts to raise money. As with the idea of this bid,"every little helps" and every backer is truly appreciated. 

If you are unable to help financially, perhaps you can support us by directing friends and family to this page??

Many thanks and my wishes for a peaceful Christmas season

Jan xx

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£2.00 or more : Every time someone donates, I get this HUGE SMILE on my face. If you donate £2 you too will have a HUGE SMILE on your face................ because you're helping Light Up The Cally :)


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