Kolkata Sanved

Edinburgh, GB

What I'm doing
On 29th October I'm running the Dublin Marathon.  I want to raise £500 for Kolkata Sanved.

What Is Kolkata Sanved?
When I was in India earlier this year I worked with Kolkata Sanved.  They are a dance organisation and use dance movement therapy to empower young people - in particular young women who have been trafficked and exploited by the sex industry.  Kolkata Sanved is one of the most inspirational organisations I have ever encountered.  What is truly special is that their work genuinely turns around the lives of young women and uses dance to do it. Kolkata Sanved train to young women so they can become Dance Movement Therapy trainers.  This gives them a livelihood and truly breaks the cycle of exploitation that they have experienced.

What will the money do?
£500 will allow one young woman to take part in the two year training programme that Kolkata Sanved offers.  It seems a small amount of money to us, is it really going to make a difference?  I've been there, I've worked on their budgets and I've seen the huge change this seemingly small amount can make.  £500 will genuinely change the life of one woman who was forced into prostitution at a shockingly young age.

Why a crowd funding site and not "JustGiving" or something similar?
The charity sites that we've all heard of like JustGiving need the charity that you're raising money for to be registered on their site.  Kolkata Sanved is a small organisation in Calcutta and can't register, so the Sponsume platform is the best mechanism I could find to raise money transparently, also I like the crowdfunding approach, because this is a project and each person who funds it is making a difference. Even if I don't reach the target, I'll still get the money - and, even better, I can exceed the target and offer even more help.

Will the money definitely get to Kolkata Sanved?
YES.  Without doubt.  I will personally pay the money into their bank account.  I think we've all heard of the corruption in India and that "charities" aren't always really what they seem.  I have been to the tiny offices of Kolkata Sanved, I've danced with some of the women who have gone through this training programme and I've taken part in a dance workshop at a railway station in Calcutta.  I've met the leader of the organisation, Sohini Chakrobarty, and I know that every penny they receive goes to the good work they do - changing and saving lives through dance.  Sponsume will charge me 4% of everything I raise - I will pay this charge myself so every penny you pledge will go to helping change the life of a young woman in Calcutta.

Find out more
You can find out more at Kolkata Sanved's website:

You can read about my trip to India on my blog:



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One day = £1

£1.00 or more : For just one pound, you can pay for one day of training. For that I will run 26.2 miles!


Train for a week

£5.00 or more : For just a fiver you can pay for one week of training for a woman who is escaping her life of prostitution. And I will run 26.2 miles through the streets of Dublin to earn it.


Fund a fortnight

£10.00 or more : A lot can be done in two weeks. Just £10 will fund a fortnight's training. And it will be something to get me round those 26.2 miles!


One full month

£20.00 or more : £20 buys a month of training. That's a huge step towards the goal of getting a young woman out of the cycle of exploitation and into a job she loves and is proud of. And it's a pound a mile for the first 20 miles of the Dublin Marathon.


6 weeks will make a substantial change

£25.00 or more : £25 funds 6 full weeks. It hardly seems possible that twenty five quid could make a difference. And it will really help me get round that marathon.