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About the project...

Knockers is a brand new, eight part series-comedy written by Darren Stanton and Neal Kumar, focusing on a group of Midlands based sales reps as they battle to be the best. Throughout the many hilarious storylines that intertwine over the eight episodes in the first series, we see conflicting personalities, love, affairs and desperation... The first pilot episode is partly set in the regional sales offices in Nottingham but when Lisa, the Regional Sales Manager, announces to her team that they are going on a week's holiday that promises fun, action and a real good time, the team end up in the city of London at the "International Sales Convention" where they hold their annual AGM. The team attend for the first day but then sneak off to do what they want leaving Lisa in a complete mess. The pilot follows each individual character and the hilarious things they get up to in the capital...

Why we need your help...

Television production isn't cheap costing in the region of £200,000 just for one programme for broadcast. We've already got a fantastic and dedicated team of actors and crew with director, James Postlethwaite on board and Lloyd James, our D.O.P, who are all working for free... See below for a complete breakdown on where the money will go and how it will benefit the production of Knockers.

Costing breakdown...

Ten thousand pounds is a lot of money, but in the world of television production it's considered loose change, however, too us... It's a lifechanger. Knockers would get made, that's the one thing we're all striving for... We'd have a fully broadcast quality episode, sixty minutes in length, to which we can pitch to all the major production companies and stations in the hope of a commission...

  • Hotel/hostel costs for crew and cast
  • Travel around the city and to and from each location
  • Food and drink on set
  • Power and generators
  • Camera, sound and lighting hire
  • Insurance
  • Music licensing and scoring
  • Permits
  • Health and Safety/Risk Assessments
  • Clothing and props

We've been pulling a few strings and getting help from as many people as possible, but £10,000 is the realistic figure we need to shoot the pilot. Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated... If you can't donate but can help with other areas of production/hire or can offer us anything on the above list then please email:

Please also help the project, even if you can't contribute, by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking sites...

A massive thank you from the...
Knockers Production Team

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Thank you to Chris, Jane, Ali and Joanne who have all pledged towards the project... Kevin Clarke - Actor, Internet Marketing Consultant

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£1.00 or more : That warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you've helped us and an email saying 'Thanks' from everyone on board!


Trainee Sales Rep

£5.00 or more : A hand written letter from the director of the project.


Induction Day

£15.00 or more : A 'Knockers' branded production gift and a personalised video message from all the cast.


The New Boy On The Block

£50.00 or more : All the above plus a special, limited edition Knockers T-shirt signed by the crew and cast.


Climbing Up The Ladder

£100.00 or more : Executive producer credit, copy of the final film both digital and DVD and all the above.


Interview Day

£250.00 or more : All the above plus IMDB credit, invitation to present an idea to our production team and V.I.P screening tickets (travel not included).


Nearly there...

£500.00 or more : All the above plus one of six special limited edition gifts from the production team...


Regional Sales Manager

£1,000.00 or more : All the above plus credit on the final television episode, invitation to further production meetings, shoot days, V.I.P days on set for friends and family plus a contract securing you a percentage of profits and royalties if it goes to broadcast.