Iron Sky

Helsinki, FI

Iron Sky is a science fiction comedy about Nazis from the Dark Side ot the Moon! It's a Finnish-German-Australian co-production, that's coming out in theaters early 2012! We're looking for funding to finish our post production process, since we just finished shooting the film; we have quite a lot of green screen, space battles and set extensions to be done, and we're a bit short on budget. Your help is greatly appreciated!

The plot:

IRON SKY - A dark science fiction comedy about Nazis on the dark side of the Moon.

World War II did not end with complete defeat for the Nazis – some of them managed to utilise their secret technologies to flee to the dark side of the Moon.

There, deep within their swastika fortress, Schwarze Sonne, they have plotted the reconquest of the Earth for over 70 years. In 2018, the flagship of their space armada, the gigantic Götterdämmerung, is nearing completion, but when the next American crewed moon mission lands too close to the Nazi base for comfort, the plans are rushed forward.

A reconnaissance team is sent to the Earth to find out just how much they know about the Nazis. The bold expedition is headed by Klaus Adler, a Nazi officer down to his jackboots, and his fiancé Renate Richter, communications officer and earth specialist. Confusion sets in when the Earth is not run by Bolshevists and Communists like they had been taught, but something far more dangerous: rampant capitalism. The culture shock proves disastrous for the couple: Klaus doggedly continues down the road of Nazism, while Renate looks at the Earth and sees something worth saving behind all the commercialism.

However, this is but the beginning of what is to come: the Götterdämmerung war machine is finished, and when the Moon disgorges enough iron to fill the skies, the Third World War is mere moments away.

But, even here the history repeats itself: the Nazi plans stumble on their own feet as Earth launches it's counter attack, and Renate – bringing valuable help to the Earth forces – decides to turn against her own people and fight to save the blue planet from the Nazi invasion.

The people behind the project:

Iron Sky is a Finnish-German-Australian co-production. The director Timo Vuorensola has directed one feature before this called Star Wreck, which was released for free on the Internet in 2005, and received over 8 million downloads quite soon. Producer Tero Kaukomaa has produced and co-produced such films as Jade Warrior and Dancer in the Dark. The cast consists of internationall known actors such as Udo Kier (Dogville), Christopher Kirby (Matrix: Revolutions), Götz Otto (Schindler's List) and Tilo Prückner (The Neverending Story)

Why do we need your support:

We went over budget with the production during the shoot due to pretty bad weather conditions in Frankfurt, Germany (worst snowstorm in decades) and Queensland, Australia (floods and cyclones), and lost a couple of shooting days and had to make some quite hasty and expensive maneuvers to fix things. We're aiming to raise 50,000€ of the budget via Sponsume. The money will be used in the post production process of the film, mainly to ensure the Moon Nazi Invasion's CGI looks as good as it should!

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