Holding Hands With Strangers

London, United Kingdom

‘Holding Hands With Strangers’ is a short film project which resolves around Sofia, a bisexual character analysing the potential of a relationship with a girl whilst gaining interest in a guy.The film will revolve around the aftermath of the encounter with the girl, flirting with the idea of love, the increase of attraction that distance creates, and getting lost between the lines of fantasy and reality as it will cut in between past and present. ‘Holding Hands With Strangers’ will make no excuses or try to explain Sofia’s sexual orientation but will positively present her as a girl just looking for love. The film will look into the little details between the conversation and gestures between the characters and show light on a romance hidden under an alcohol infused night.  The story is real, relatable and will restore your fate in romance.

"Really enjoyed the script. It feels very real, It captures a short but profound moment in someones life beautifully"

"As the story (within the story) develops it becomes quite engaging and touching"

"It deals with something people dont seem to have captured well and loads of potential. It is really London"

"The synopsis got me really interested. It's nice of you to produce a film like this. I could probably relate to Sofia"


The concept of Holding Hands with Strangers is set in modern day Britain in London and revolves around Sofia, a naive twenty-something. On the bus journey home after a night out, Sofia tells her flatmates Tim and Rennee and their friend Dave who continuously flirts with Sofia, of a previous romantic encounter which took place months ago. As she reflects up on the romantically charged rendezvous, Sofia is convinced that meeting Erin, an American exchange student whom she briefly met, on a beautiful but alcohol infused summers night, was fate. As she analyses every detail of the night to her friends, who point out the more realistic flaws in the romantically polished scenario of the encounter, Sofia slowly starts to realise that she may have been wrong about her feelings for Erin, whilst growing fond of Dave, who is sat next to her on the bus. By the end of the journey Sofia is almost convinced that meeting Erin was nothing more than a simple encounter. Or wait, was it?

Why Should You Care?

Sofia the lead character is openly bisexual who makes no secret or excuses for her sexuality, the potential of both potential relationships with Erin and Dave will be portrayed in the film as both positive and possible. So often in the media we are shown bisexual characters who are just incapable of making up their mind, every encounter they experience is solely sexual and the characters are incapable of monogamy.

What’s the rush?

It is a film taking place in summer, here in London summer days are rare and August is our best chance to shoot. Also the director needs to leave the country by the end of next month. It’s a timebomb that can only be stopped by raising enough money to get the film into production. So consider yourself Keanu Reeves in Speed! We need you!

What will you do with my money?

Most of the film will take place on a London Bus. In order to hire such a bus plus a driver, we are looking at a lot of money £1000, besides from the bus, actors, crew and equipment all need to be transported. A venue needs to be hired for the characters to meet and as all of it takes place at night, lights will need to be hired plus this is London, and London is noisy therefore a professional Soundmixer will need to come in and save the day!

What will you do with the Film once it’s finished?

The film will be made to enter the festival circuit. We’d like it to show at the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Outfest & San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival. The aim is to get the film seen by large audiences and contribute by improving the representation of bisexual women in the media and to eventually develop the short into a feature film.

The Team

Rahma Marzak (Writer/Director)

After having worked on several short films, most recently finishing her graduate short film and volunteering for the East End Film Festival, Rahma is determined to ambitiously create a LGBT short film in a very limited time frame to add to her CV. Rahma is passionate about the core of the story and is ready to bring it to the screen for all to experience in a humorous yet endearing way. A strong believer of happy endings and true love.

Erich Schultz (Producer)

Erich Schultz is the director of the London Independent Film Festival < www.liff.org >, and a film producer of feature and short films for over 10 years.  He also teaches Filmmaking at the University of London.

Moussa Shabandar (Director of Photography) 

Moussa is a student at the MET London Film School currently in his final year.

Kathrin Benohr (Co-Producer)

Kathrin is a very dedicated and hard working aspiring producer. Just having graduated from a three year Film & Broadcast Production degree, she is keen to really dive into the industry. Over the past few years she has worked on several short films and a television series for German national TV. She is also part of a young international production company, currently working on the first season of a web comedy series. Kathrin has worked with Rahma before on a short documentary and is very much looking forward to working with her again and making this lovely film happen.


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Currently too poor to back financially, and also haven't got a UK VISA set up yet, but would be keen to help out physically - acting, assisting on set etc if needs be.

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