Farnham, GB

A 10-12 minute fiction. 


Kane is a highly opinionated atheist with an uncontrollable anger towards religion. He spends his time on the Internet voicing his idea’s, he spends his nights vandalizing religious buildings and when his anger gets the best of him, he assaults religious preachers. Kane often regrets becoming so violent and feels hypocritical. Though when Kane meets someone he believes to share the same views as him, the anger starts to subside. Unfortunately Kane is mistaken about this person.


Who we are

We are a small group of young independent film makers based in Farnham, Surrey. We’ve all been making films for a number of years. This project is our most ambitious yet.

For us, Heretic is a personal story and a prevalent social issue. We have always been interested in films that comment on soceity and have a taste for human stories with a gritty style. Our last film, was screened at the British film festival in Berlin.


What we need

All money pledged will go directly to the film’s production. On low budget films like this every small bit goes a long way. This includes such things as hiring camera equipment, securing locations, transport and catering. The money raised will be invaluable for the production quality of the film that and will allow the story to be told effectively.

We plan to shoot early March and have the film finished late April to early May.


By pledging you will be massively supporting this film. Without you it won’t happen.

Contact us

If you have any question please forward them to the director and co-producer Daniel Lloyd.

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Small pledge

£5.00 or more : A massive thank you which we'll post to our Facebook page.


Medium pledge

£10.00 or more : High resolution Desktop Wallpaper.


Large pledge

£20.00 or more : A DVD copy of the film.


Extra Large pledge

£40.00 or more : A Blu-Ray copy of the film, which will include bonus material.


XXL pledge

£60.00 or more : The Blu-Ray copy of the film and a signed copy of the script.


Executive producer.

£100.00 or more : You will receive the Blu-ray copy of the film, the signed script and be given an executive producer credit.