Columbia Calling

Columbia, United States

Columbia Calling is a personalised look into the lives of individuals who witness change each and every day.

In the UK, communities are at a turn point, with cuts in jobs and services lives are changing forever. I travel abroad to discover how one communities divisions in opinion clearly show a divide. Columbia, Missouri is a University town full of students and a vibrant city centre. We meet the people who tell there story. Observing there lives in a personal manner, we get closer to how a community has changed, for the better or worse.

Columbia Calling looks at social change, something which happens over time or in an instant. A death occurs within a community and sends shockwaves throughout. A brand new charity opens and invites people through it's doors, Whether postive or negative, change can seem daunting or unexpected. The film will take an observational look into these peoples lives. Whether a veteran who served in the Gulf War sees a future in Columbia or dinner with a family at thanks giving. We identify the importance of community and it's impact on individual lives.

During our time in Columbia, we worked closely with the Police, Centro Latino, The Salvation Army and many more. We'd like to say a massive thank you and look forward to seeing you all again in November during Thanks giving.

Thank you for sharing and donating towards the project. It is important that you know where your sponsumes are going. Below is a break down of costs. If we meet our target:

  • Revisit Columbia - Following up with everyone we met during June 2012, we revisit the people who told there story during Thanks giving.
  • Post Production - We will be hiring a professional editor to deal with colour correcting, graphics and the edit.
  • The Final Screening - in June/July 2013.

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What on earth are you talking about? The city you're describing certainly isn't Columbia. We're not a ghost town--we've experienced no foreclosure crisis and our downtown has not been shuttered. We've been highlighted by CNN as one of the top recession-proof cities, we've tripled downtown residential development over the last year, and we've opened more new businesses here in the last two years than in most other cities our size. Our unemployment rate, recently the lowest in the nation, is still amazingly low in comparison to the rest of the country. You seem to be trying to fit us into some sort of preconceived notion you have about dying towns in the Midwest but you're way off base.
Hey Callum, I'm a little confused about your Columbia, Missouri ghost town story. I'm from England and have lived here for the past 7 years and I'm wondering if you've got your geography muddled up as Columbia, Missouri is far from a ghost town. It's a city of 100,000+, with 3 busy universities, a major medical industry, two huge insurance companies, a thriving art scene with more arts events than you swing a cat at, at least three major arts-related festivals - Art in the Park (, the internationally renowned True/False film festival ( and the Roots & Blues & Barbecue (, a large IBM facility, 8 major supermarkets (that I can think of), a morning and evening newspaper, two TV channels, more radio stations than I can count, and a ton of great restaurants (though sadly no chippy). We also have the LOWEST unemployment in the state of Missouri, 4.5% in April 2012 ( In 2008, the height of the global recession as you write, it was 4.2% - the second lowest in the state. Right now it's 8.2% in the UK.... So how are you defining ghost town exactly? -Diana

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