Funding for 12 month studio programme

London, United Kingdom

I have been offered a place on the very first Turps Arts School Painting Programme in London and now I need to find a way to fund myself!

The Turps Arts School has been created by the founders of 'Turps Banana' - a quarterly painting publication based in London, and sold internationally. It is a "a magazine about painting, made predominately by painters" and has become a standard for intelligent critical painting discourse. After many years of establishing the magazine, the founders decided to embark on the extremely ambitious undertaking of founding their own Art School outside of the conventional art school structure.

The founders describe the aims of the Turps Art School is as follows:

"Peter Ashton Jones and Marcus Harvey have long held the view that an artist led painting school could flourish in a climate where there is growing disquiet about the quality of painting tuition, inadequate tutorial input and rise in tuition fees on too many established fine art courses.

The Editors feel it is time to respond to this in much the same way that a painting magazine run by practicing painters has fulfilled a need for many painters with a desire for intellectual stimulus and focus in this area."

The project is extremely courageous and innovative and I am immenseley proud to be asked to be involved in its very first year. 

The programme will be an intensive 12 months where 15 painters will be mentored by high profile contemporary artists, such as:

Marcus Harvey
Peter Ashton Jones

Anne Ryan
Daniel Coombs
Colin Smith

Jake Chapman
Dinos Chapman
Chantal Joffe
John Stezaker
Neal Tait
Dan Hays
Harland Miller
Covadonga Valdes
Dolly Tompset
Ryan Mosely
Ansel Krut
Nigel Cooke
Dawn Mellor
Phil Allen
Alexis Harding
Mali Morris
Matt Collings

About me and my practice

After graduating from Bath School of art and Design (2004, First Class Hons), I exhibited widely in Europe and the U.S. I then spent three years working in a studio in London and in 2010, i was selected for the Marmite Painting Prize. At this time I was awarded a residency in Berlin and upon completion I decided to relocate there permanently (I am now leaving Berlin to take part in the Turps programme)
During 3 years in Berlin I had my first two solo exhibitions, was selected for numerous group shows and have recently begun to curate a series of painting exhibitions, which will be a census of painting in Berlin now.
In 2012, as well as being offered a place on the Turps Painting Programme, I have been invited to be a part of ' 30 artists, 30 days ' at Studio 1.1, London.

Further bio information here.

The importance of funding

I propose to use the money raised to pay for studio fees and materials for the 12 month programme.

I am seeking sponsorship to assist my year at Turps Art School, to allow me
to dedicate my time wholly to the programme. Since hearing of my acceptance on to the Turps program, I have worked hard to try and secure funding, however in a difficult climate, when the institution is very bravely existing outside of a government-supported framework this is proving very challenging.  At the moment I envisage that I would have to work 40-70 hours per week to fund my fees to allow me to attend the programme. With funding, this time could be spent working in the studio.
Sponsorship would be unimaginably helpful to my participation - those who know me, know of my dedication to my practice and your support is crucial.

Thankyou in advance for your kindness. You're all good people.



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A hand-drawn card and thank you note.

£10.00 or more : You have been very kind and you will receive a unique line-drawing and message of thanks from me.


Hand-made 'Good People' Screenprint, plus hand-drawn card and thank you note.

£25.00 or more : You are a good person. I have designed an A3 hand screen-printed poster to reward that fact. This was designed especially for this process and is numbered and signed by me.


Limited edition print , plus "Good People" screenprint, plus hand-drawn card and thank you note.

£60.00 or more : In 2012, I created a series of paintings for the Various Vegetables events in Berlin. Each of the 5 paintings was turned into a very high quality print. Printed on A3 size 300g cotton paper usually used for archival documents with no bleaching chemicals which degrade the inks over time. Each version is a very very limited edition of 25, so these are very rare! Each print is signed and numbered.


A framed limited edition print , plus "Good People" screenprint, plus hand-drawn card and thank you note.

£95.00 or more : Your limited edition print will be framed in a high quality birch frame.


Unique FRAMED painting from, plus hand-drawn card and thank you note.

£100.00 or more : From the point at which this funding project begins,on the 15th Juy to 15th September, I will make one new small painting a day and post it on These are absolutely unique original works, for a ridiculously low price. One bid of 100 pounds guarantees you any painting from the 3 months. If you see one you like, you can pledge the money and let me know which one it is. But you can always change your mind and choose another one right up to the end of the funding period.


Unique FRAMED painting from plus a 'Good People' screenprint, plus hand-drawn card and thank you note.

£120.00 or more : Your unique painting will be framed in a high quality birch frame.


The original paintings for Various Vegetables, plus a 'Good People' screenprint, plus a hand-drawn card and thank you note.

£250.00 or more : You will receive the ORIGINAL painting that was used to create the prints. These are mixed collage and gouache on wood panels measuring 38cm x 53 cm. the paintings sits on a floating frame 2cms off the wall. You have a choice of 5 paintings. Once you have bid you have a choice of 5. I will update as to which have been sold. #1 SOLD #2 SOLD #3 AVAILABLE #4 AVAILABLE #5 SOLD all numbers refer to the pictures at the bottom of the page.