Coventry, GB

I propose to make a life size replica of Doctor Who's TARDIS.


Using solely felt. Creating the outside, inside console and decoration, with workable door and acess to be walked around inside. Using my artistic knowledge and background in textiles it is a plausable and exciting project.

 I am hoping that this will inspire others to make something for themselves, no matter what the scale or subject matter.

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You're a lovely human.

£1.00 or more : I will keep you informed on the project through email.


A Caricature

£2.00 or more : A caricature of yourself in Doctor Who fashion for use as a display picture etc.


Doctor Who inspired greeting cards

£5.00 or more : A pack of 3 Doctor Who inspired postcards


Your name sown into the finished Tardis

£5.00 or more : Your name sown into the wall of the TARDIS


Miniature Plushie

£10.00 or more : Miniature plushie of your choice


A Doctor Who Inspired colouring book

£10.00 or more : Because what ever age, colouring books are genius.



£10.00 or more : A keyring of your choice made for you.


Medium sized Plushie

£15.00 or more : Medium sized plushie of your choice.


Your own sonic screwdriver

£20.00 or more : Your own fabric sonic screwdriver of the doctor of your choice


Large scale plushie

£30.00 or more : Large scale plushie of your choice


Your name sown into the finished Tardis and medium plushie

£40.00 or more : Your name sewn into the wall of the finished Tardis. Marking your part of the history


A plushie Doctor

£55.00 or more : The Doctor of your choosing, plushie style.


A large scale replica of the Tardis plushie

£70.00 or more : A large scale plushie version of the finished Tardis of your very own.



£600.00 or more : The tardis in its finished state