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Let's change the world, one bite at a time

You’re probably aware that today, the food industry urgently needs some radical changes to take place in how we produce and shop for our food. We believe that a step in the right direction is to promote independent food and drink producers, to give them a voice, let them share their story and make it easy for people to connect with them. 

Armed with only our goodwill and passion for food and enterprise, we decided to create Flavrbox is a social enterprise; a community that exists to bring the local farmer to your front door and change the world by the way we treat food! At a basic level it works a bit like a farmer’s market, but it’s online, runs all year round and is national! 

Our vision is to draw people away from supermarket shopping habits and big multinational brands and open up a world of culinary delight. We have a plenty of ideas to make that happen and the one we’d like you to help us with is called FlavrFilm. 

Read on!

So what is Flavrfilm?

FlavrFilm is going to be a set of 12 short videos, each one promoting a selected producer. Our belief is that to support independent producers, we need people to develop a far better understanding of the real value of the food on their plate, where it comes from, how it is produced and by whom. 

Each video will last an average of 3 to 4 minutes. Filming will take place at the producer’s premises and will show what a typical day in their life looks like, how they create their products, how long it takes them and the struggles and pressures they face. 

Videos will be released on the Flavrbox website on a fortnightly basis and promoted via our various social media channels to gain maximum exposure. 

The material created for this first series will also be used as a basis to create a full-length documentary in the near future. 

Where does the money go?

We’ve budgeted for a cost of approximately of £650 per video, which will allow us to cover all our costs for travel, equipment, insurance and final editing. This also includes the 4% commission taken by SponsuMe. 

What do you get out of it?

Help us give a voice to independent food and producers. 

Be part of a growing movement to fight against the growing dominance of supermarkets and other big corporations. Help us change how food is produced and consumed in the UK. 

Last but certainly not least, you’ll receive some excellent rewards! 

Who are the elves behind this project?

We’re a team of little elves who are working day and night to make this project a success. You can read more about us here.

If you want to find what exactly is flavrbox, click here.

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YES! We've finally hit the first 10 backers !!! We need more, help us change the way people look at their food by voicing what food producers have to say :)

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Our Undying Gratitude

£1.00 or more : You don't need much to help the world, and for that much we will give you our undying gratitude.


Become a World Changer

£5.00 or more : Our undying gratitude and exclusive online access to the online documentary when it's complete!


Knighting Ceremony

£20.00 or more : All of the above and be publicly thanked via our various Social Media channels for your valuable contribution in the name of the greater good. Think of it as a knighting ceremony, but without the funny hats.


The Movie Maker

£50.00 or more : All of the above, your name will be included in the credits at the end of each video and you’ll receive a 5% discount on your first 5 purchases on Flavrbox. You can also send us a message to suggest producers who you think might be suitable for the videos.


One Year Discount

£100.00 or more : All of the above, but this time the 5% discount will be valid for an entire year on every single purchase you make on Flavrbox.


Lifetime Flavrbox Chef + Goodies

£250.00 or more : All of the above, but with a lifetime 5% discount on every purchase you make on Flavrbox. You’ll also receive an exclusive DVD of the video series and a special guest invitation to our launch event (which we’ll get round to organising sometime soon!)


Discovery Box - Xmas Present!

£500.00 or more : All of the above, and you’ll also receive a free discovery box (you’ll find out more about that soon) and you’ll also have the opportunity to come to a shooting for one day.


Michelin Star Chef - Gold!

£1,000.00 or more : All of the above and a special guest invitation to the documentary premiere.