Like Father

Newport, United Kingdom

'Like Father' is a short film set in 1960s Wales, and centres around one family embroiled in the changing social attitudes of the time. Phil Davies, like his father before him, works in the Ebbw Vale steelworks. At the time, the steelworks was one of the largest in Europe, and was the centre of a large working-class community. If you didn't work in the steelworks, you were associated with it in some way. Phil's passion, like many of his friends, is amateur horse breeding. This passion provides a welcome reprieve from the industrial nature of his work. His son, Stefan, is approaching the school leaving age. Phil fully expects Stefan to follow him into a steady job in the steel industry, but Stefan and Phil's more progressive wife Winna have other ideas. Stefan has the potential for a continued career in education, but at what cost? Phil is faced with a choice. Will he be able to shelve his community pride and make a great personal sacrifice to offer his son a shot at a better life?

Why we want to make this film

'Like Father' is a socio-realist family drama. It is based on a real person and a true story. The 1960s was a time of changing social attitudes; especially towards education. We feel that this slice of Welsh cultural history is unique, and embodies a completely different set of social and community values. We hope to make the film not only an excellent stand-alone drama, but also offer some food for thought on our own very different modern day attitudes and communities.

Why we need you

The money that we're hoping to raise from our crowd funding campaign is to match personal investment in the project. The crew have kindly offered their time for free, but in order to really do this story justice, we require a larger production budget. All money raised will go to expenses directly related to the final content of the film: prop and costume hire, and locations where a fee is required, set building/dressing, and so on. High level production design is key in order for us accurately convey the feel and vibe of the 1960s, and unfortunately, this doesn't come for free.

What you get:

Alongside an overwhelming sense of philanthropy and all-round warmth inside, you can get any of the perks as mentioned on the right hand side. We have a great deal of passion for this project, and hope that you can share in it. We'll also keep you updated throughout the creative process up to and over the course of the mid-February shoot dates.

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£25.00 or more : As well as all of the above thanks, your name in the credits, and signed poster; you'll also receive a DVD of the finished film.


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