Eye on the Needle

London, GB

Eye on the Needle is a non-profit documentary focussed on the conservation of ‘Cleopatra’s Needle’, an Ancient Egyptian obelisk situated on London’s Embankment...and it needs you!

A Monument under threat?

We believe this irreplaceable monument may be under threat from acid rain and local pollution. After researching the Embankment obelisk specialist cleaners, Antique Bronze Ltd., revealed a gradual but dangerous erosion of the needle. Acidic deposits from rain and pollution are penetrating the surface of this ancient monument, causing  erosion of the millennia-old hieroglyphs on its face.

About us

We are a collective of professional Egyptologists and film-makers who are concerned about the tragic state of the many ancient Egyptian obelisks and monuments around the world, many of which have no conservation or preservation-specific strategies in place.

A non-profit documentary

We are in the process of making a film which investigates this threat, investigating the monument's history, historical, and physical properties, but we cannot do this important task alone, and we'd like to invite you to become a part of the monument's story!

Your donation and our pledge

We need seven and a half thousand pounds to make this happen, but obviously we’re not expecting you to give us that for nothing!

We have a great selection of rewards lined up for those of you who can give money. Things like commemorative t-shirts, personal tours of the needle and the British Museum, and even days on set for the aspiring filmmakers out there.

We will also be organising a special premier where you can rub shoulders with some very eminent characters from the archaeological world.

Our crowdfunding campaign is only a month long, and it's live right now! Any amount helps, and from as little as five pounds you start seeing rewards. All the money is going towards the cause, and you only need a paypal account to donate, it only takes a few seconds.

You can visit our website to keep up to date on the campaign and we will be adding a host of promotional materials you can download as things progress.

Take a stand for eternity...

This is a very important conservation issue, and one we need to tackle now. It would be a disgrace to allow this beautiful piece of the world’s history to fall into ruin. This grand old lady should be enjoyed for another three and a half thousand years at least!

Please help us tell the obelisk’s story. You will be doing future generations a great service. Thank you.


A belated update of progress. Our sincerest apologies.
Posted: Monday, 14 April, 2014 - 19:04

Greetings all!

We felt it was high time for an update regarding Eye on the Needle, since so many of you wonderful folks and contributors have been asking what's going on. We appreciate that it can be disheartening when we go quiet for long periods, but do not lose hope...this is still happening!

The story so far: Last summer, after we ran our crowd-funder, we received interest from a major network regarding the concept of the documentary. They asked if we would send them a pitch for the show, and it was implied that they would aid our production in some way, should the relevant bodies approve.

Since we hadn't met our target, but were determined to move forward with the project regardless, we submitted said pitch, and waited. Production ground to a halt, as any decision from the network would determine how we would proceed.

This year it became apparent that we would have to pick up the baton and run once more, as television networks can be somewhat cryptic, so we've been working behind the scenes, chasing down interviewees, chasing down our designers for your shirts, and getting everything prepared to resume shooting again this spring!

The good news is that weather conditions for shooting are by-and-large suitable again, and we have managed to carve some time from our schedules to get back on this. Please bear in mind, we're doing this in our own spare time, with very limited funding, and whilst that doesn't dampen our spirits as to the completion of the project, it does mean that this will take time to complete. But rest assured, we still believe in this project!

We're doing this because we believe in the cause, we believe that the obelisk's story should be told, her potential plight explored and highlighted, and whilst we certainly won't take three millennia to complete this project, we feel it deserves the time to complete it properly. We appreciate your continued interest, concerns, and support, and assure you that this documentary will be complete, and gracing your screens soon.

With best wishes

The Eye on the Needle team

Two weeks left!
Posted: Sunday, 23 June, 2013 - 14:06

Thank you all for your support so far. In the next week we will post up a video update of the campaign to let you know what we will be doing in the final days. We have a fair stretch to go but we're optimistic of a large rush at the end. In the meantime, have a look at David Robert's Sketch of the needle back in its home environment. 

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Days to go
GBP £1,798
24% raised of our GBP £7,500 goal
This project ended on Sunday, Jul 7th - 18:00

This project's deadline has now expired - you can no longer back these rewards

You cannot back this project, funding is now complete.


Any Amun't Will Do

£1.00 or more : Join us and be a part of the cause and you'll receive a special thank you on the Eye on the Needle website, and a social media shout-out on Twitter. Please include your Twitter handle in Paypal notes if desired.


Gift Horus in the Mouth...

£5.00 or more : 2. A social media shout out and thank you on our website, PLUS access to our production diary, including making-of and behind-the-scenes footage.


Ankhs Very Much!

£10.00 or more : 3. All the benefits from Tiers 1&2 PLUS a physical thank you card signed by team, designed specifically for the campaign


But Osiriously, Guys...

£15.00 or more : 4. Everything from Tiers 1, 2 & 3 plus a Digital Download of our Original Soundtrack


Please Glyph Generously

£20.00 or more : 5. Everything from Tiers 1, 2, 3 & 4 plus a Digital Download of the Documentary with Exclusive Introduction from the Director and Presenter.



£30.00 or more : 6. Everything from Tiers 1 through 5 plus one of our original Eye on the Needle Exclusive T-shirts! UK Only


Not Another Pyramid Scheme...

£40.00 or more : 7. Everything in the above Tier, but Includes International Postage to Anywhere in the World!


Come At Me, Ra!

£50.00 or more : 8. Everything above PLUS Exclusive Access to our Online Premier and 'Webinar' with Q&A Session with the Film-makers and Presenter


Let's Do Anubisness!

£75.00 or more : 9. Everything Above PLUS Your Name and Special Thanks in the Credits of Our Film!


See You At The Ba!

£100.00 or more : 10. Everything in the above Tiers PLUS Exclusive Invitation to our London Premier Screening! Watch the film, and rub shoulders and elbow-patches with some eminent Egyptologists!


Needle Eye Say More...?

£200.00 or more : 11. Everything from Tiers 1 through 10 PLUS an Exclusive Tour Around The Petrie Museum of Egyptology With Presenter and Dr of Egyptology Paul Harrison! Only 12 Spaces!


I Rameses What You Did There

£500.00 or more : 12. Executive producer credits on the documentary, plus everything from the above tiers, including an executive producer tour of the Petrie Museum of Egyptology.


Be A Diamond Giza!

£1,000.00 or more : 13. Everything from Tiers 1 Through 10, Including Invite to Premier PLUS a Personal Tour of the British Museum (provision for Petrie Museum also Included) for you AND a guest, with Presenter Dr Paul Harrison. ALSO Includes Lunch with Paul and Director Edward Scott-Clarke at the British Museum Restaurant for Donor and a Guest (on us!) PLUS an Executive Producer Credit on the Film itself and Promotional Materials for the Named Donor (Travel and Accommodation Not Included).


Game, Seth & Match.

£3,000.00 or more : 14. You Must Be King Tut! For this Generous Sum You Receive A Private Screening of The Film and live Q&A Session with the Director and Presenter in your Own Home for up to Ten people!! Mainland UK only, Includes Everything From Tiers 1-6 for you and your 9 guests. Includes Executive Producer Credit for Main Donor (only). UK Mainland Only, Please Enquire for Details!