Executed for Sodomy!

London / Edinburgh, GB

Heading to the Edinburgh Fringe play about the real life story of a transperson legally killed for her sexuality.



People have been fighting the powers that be over LGBT issues throughout history, but very little is known known about pre-20th Century struggle. Shift Productions are presenting theatre show LINCK at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013 after a triumphant run at The Last Refuge to tell the story of Caterina Linck - the only woman to be  executed for sodomy.



LINCK explores sexuality and its relationship with government and the battle between one’s desire and duty. Born female and given up for adoption, Linck fought as a soldier, was anointed a prophet and married a woman. The uncovering of Linck’s gender led to a sensational trial and public execution that gripped a nation. As we shift from moments of surreal comedy to flashes of volcanic ferocity we are left to unpick accusation from truth and reflect upon the life of a unique, forgotten figure from European history.

Performing in the title role Fanni Compton "flits seamlessly between childlike sweetness and fearsome mania...her massive energy carries the play" - Female Arts



Theatre is no cheap thing to do, no sir (madam / ma-sir) and it is vital that not only do we buy the costumes, a roof and the souls of all involved, but we ensure that everyone who could possibly be interested in our play - hears about us - not an easy thing to do in Edinburgh.


Most of our costs have been covered through profits from our triumphant London launch at The Last Refuge - however, we require a little bit more to propell the show up to Edinburgh. This will mainly cover accomodation and subsistence for our actors. We're so close!

Full budget available on request



Shift Productions are a theatre company creating exciting work with a social message. Educated at Goldsmiths, London Metropolitan Business School, Central School of Speech and Drama and with 21 combined years working in events and theatre you can expect nothing but the most engrossing, most curious and most important entertainment for the 21st Century. Watch this space. @ProdShift


Danny - writer, producer and cabaret organiser. Developed Linck at Central School of Speech and Drama and is now showing it proudly to the world.
Tom - event organiser extraordinaire. Also organises cabaret with Danny whilst creating unforgettable experiences for people with London Eye Management Services Limited.
Camilla - freelance theatre producer. All things to all theatres. Just launched an international live streaming project with contemporary dance company with Victoria and Albert Museum pre-launch. 
For cast details see www.executedforsodomy.com



All prizes are possible at the date of listing. If for any reason an element becomes unavailable you will have the option of a full refund or we will do our best to replace or reorganise elements which have become unavailable with prior agreement. Goodie bags will be available in July and August. All dates mentioned are subject to availabilty but we will bend over backwards to suit your time table. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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A Bow

£5.00 or more : Thanks! We mean it - and to prove it, we'll put your name on our website.


Oh Goodie!

£10.00 or more : You get your very own goodie bag! Will include an array of our promotional materials, little props from the show - and because Lucky Dip is always so much more exciting - you'll just have to wait to see what other excitements are hiding inside!


An Encore!

£10.00 or more : You want more? Why thank you. You're fabulous name will appear on the first page of our script which will pass in to history bearing kind thanks of your support


We're Getting Personal

£10.00 or more : To grab people's attention, we're printing our message on packacking of lube and giving them away! Want a personalised message on yours? We think this the best way to get a first date ;) so let us know the outpourings of your heart.


Want More Than a Civil Partnership?

£20.00 or more : Want to hang on the wall a certificate of your undying love? You'd have been executed if you'd wanted that a few hundred years ago - so we'll send to both a certificate recognising your illegal love, condemning you to public execution. Ahhh.


Party Time!

£20.00 or more : Ooo La LA! We're having a London party to wish Bon Voyage to ourselves from all you lovely people. For an raucous night of cabaret entertainment with the entire team, fans, well wishers and party people get on down for a fabulously fabulous evening! For more details see www.executedforsodomy.com


We're famous y'know

£30.00 or more : We *are* famous - people just don't know it yet which makes this deal and absolute steal! We'll send you, SWALK, a signed script and signed production shots.


Free Speech

£40.00 or more : “It’s what you do in your free time that will set you free—or enslave you.
” ― Jarod Kintz. We'll give you two free tickets to see our show along with a goodie bag and the best seats in the house.


Behind The Scenes

£50.00 or more : In London, we're rehearsing like duracel bunnies - and in the last days of July we're hosting a Gala Dress Rehearsal before we head to the Scottish Capital. Share a bubbling glass with us, see the show, tell us what you think and have a great night out. This will be our only London performance before Edinburgh, so if you can't see us there, see us here.


Ad-space in our Ad-space (Corporate)

£100.00 or more : We'll be appearing on many LGBT websites and if you want your logo up there, being seen by thousands of the LGBT community, then this is the option for you.


Flash Us - Your Logo (Corporate)

£500.00 or more : We're printing 20,000 flyers. Minimum. Along with posters and programs we're creating fans, aeroplanes, certificates - just about anything people want to keep hold of. Have your logo proudly on them and show London and Edinburgh that your company is culturally and ethically caring.


Let Meeeeee (eeeeeee) Entertain You! (Group or Corporate)

£500.00 or more : We're the bees proverbial knees at designing a fabulous night out - and we don't just mean the pleasure of our company. Since 2010, Danny and Tom have been presenting, magical, hilarious and nefarious cabaret nights brimming with magic and mayhem and we'll transform your local post-work bar into a nightspot for your staff to have a night they wont forget in a hurry


(Here We Are Now) Entertain Us (Group or Corporate)

£500.00 or more : Employees avoiding each other at the watercooler? Are they substituting your mug with one which reads 'idiot' on the bottom? Are your cleaning staff refusing to work until the paper aeroplane graveyard is cleared up? No we're not going to send you to a Cuddle Workshop - we're going to make you into stars! Cabaret stars to be precise. The Shift is a monthly cabaret night and teams of up to 5 will have an afternoon of Shift's time to create an act which they will perform in the evening to a live and lovely audience. Confidence building, comraderie creating - and everyone will be talking about it for years to come!


Have A Drink With Us (Group or Corporate)

£500.00 or more : Why not organise a trip to Edinburgh? For up to 5 people we'll give you free tickets to the show, a goodie bag - but more importantly - you'll get to see the whole process of setting up a show and you can come a have a drink with the Shift Team in the Performer-Only Bar - very glam, I'm sure you'll agree.


BANG BANG (my baby shot me down)

£500.00 or more : This play is serious business. there are guns and everything. We say guns - we mean replicas made by Tom's loving hands and we'll give you a pair used in the show. But that's not all. With 26 performances our props see quite a lot of action - so we'll gift you with a replica leather appendage as well, made by Tom's loving hands, used in the show.


The Edinburgh Experience (Group or Corporate)

£750.00 or more : Why not get a little closer with your colleagues? No! Not like that! Avoid dark corners at the staff party by coming to Edinburgh instead. We'll take you on a guided tour of the festival, give you goodie bags and free tickets to see the show in the best seats. You'll also have access to the Performer-Only Bar after the show and have multiple opportunities to hang out with the Shift Team. We'll tweet about your company to our followers and you'll be able to take part in our street stunts which include public executions! This offer is per 5 people coming and we'll happily arrange accommodation, transport and tables at great restaurants if you'd rather not have the hassle.