Plymouth, GB

Euneirophrenia. (U-'nE-rO-"fren-E-a)

"the peaceful state of mind following a good dream"

As a brass and wind composer i've always tried to push boundaries. I feel very strongly that the way the wider audience feels and listens to brass music is key to the ongoing development and growth of the genre. Without excitment and innovation any type of music will struggle to maintain a positive outlook and the record that I want to cut is our chance to collectively do something positive for a movement that needs change and cross pollination to push it forward.

I want to make my first solo record a work that challenges the possible perceptions that the brass band and wind band scene can be archaic and exclusive. I'd love to be able to make a record that changes the way people think and feel about classical brass composition and perhaps show them a side of the playing and soundworld they might not have encountered before.

This will not just be a record for people who are into contemporary classical composition or brass bands, but one that should appeal to fans of jazz, dubstep and breaks. I want punks, rockers, funksters clubbers to see the same sense of vitality and colour that I have seen in brass playing.

I will be collaborating with some great musicians to show the diverse range of things brass instruments can do when the chance is given! This record will contain the first ever brass band v. dubstep piece in a collab with UK dubstep producer KOVEN, as well as many other interesting experiments! I also intend to record differently to other brass records I've heard, but you'll need to wait to hear the results of this!

I have never before had the chance to make something that brings together all the different parts of me as a composer, producer, performer and conductor and if this record enabled even a handful of people to see the the true potential of the brass movement i'd feel like i'd done my best. In December last year I won a British Composer Award (BASCA) for my work 'A Symphony of Colours' (which will be the centre piece of the record), and I felt that to build on this feeling I had to go a step further, hopefully that step will be the chance to make #euneirophrenia. An album like this is going to be a huge and costly undertaking....hiring an entire brass band and producers/engineers etc will be a big job! I need to fund this record to record to the standard that you all deserve to hear and to pay my musicians properly... being a pro musician, I know how hard it is to find work and be paid well!

Mostly, I want to make a kickin' record that everyone can enjoy. I want people to tap their feet, be intreagued, sing, whistle, be surprised and hear what I've got to say. I promise if you help me to fund this project, a project thats long been a dream of mine, i'll try my very best to make it a game changer!


Simon Dobson.

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£1.00 or more : The knowledge that you're helping to shake up a movement that needs it!!! Thanks!


Free download of Euneirophrenia.

£10.00 or more : A download code for the finished record. Given once production is completed and the physical record is ready to go.


Free copy of Euneirophrenia on CD, signed.

£15.00 or more : A free copy of the finished record, signed and sent as soon as production and printing is completed.


Free signed copy of the Euneirophrenia CD, and your name in the sleeve notes!

£50.00 or more : As well as a signed copy of this record you'll get your name printed in the sleeve notes as thanks for your backing!


Get in on the record.

£250.00 or more : Signed CD/sleeve notes AND I will use a sample of you playing/singing or speaking on the record its self.


Just for you!

£500.00 or more : Signed CD/Sleeve notes/sample inclusion and for the right price a miniature composition written by me, personalised and included somewhere on the record!