Dust, starring Alan Rickman and Jodie Whittaker

London, GB

TODD, a 60-something loner with a twitch, follows young JESSICA (7) and her MUM home from school. He waits for nightfall and breaks into the house. While Mum's distracted in the bathroom, Todd creeps into Jessica's bedroom, where events take an unexpected turn...

DUST stars Golden Globe, BAFTA and Emmy winning actor, Alan Rickman, alongside the critically acclaimed Jodie Whittaker (Attack The Block, St Trinians, Venus), and introduces 7 year old Lola Albert.

DUST is a 6-7 minute short film, written and directed by us, Ben Ockrent and Jake Russell. We met at secondary school and have remained friends since, in which time Ben has become an established scriptwriter while Jake has created video content for brands and online.

The funding we hope to raise with your help will go cover the final costs of post-production (including visual effects and colour grading), while anything left over will help us with festival submissions and publicity for the completed film. 

Your financial support, in return for some fantastic rewards, will help us put the finishing touches to a project that began as an exciting and determined idea, and has since gathered a wonderful momentum that has helped us team up with Alan Rickman and Jodie Whittaker along with an incredibly talented production team and crew.

While we are both life-long film fans (and both gained early experience as runners on set and location), DUST will mark our directorial debuts for fiction and is the fruition of over 12 months development, refining and hard graft.




Thanks for standing by
Posted: Monday, 24 December, 2012 - 16:12

Dear All, 

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience. We know it's been a while since you made your very generous contributions and allowed us to make this film. Without you we genuinely couldn't have done it. It's a long, long road to getting a project like this off the ground, let alone seeing it soar through the air afterwards, but, we're pretty much there and ready to send everyone their long awaited and well deserved rewards. 

What with it being Christmas and everything, we're going to wait until the new year to send everything out, so expect deliveries by the end of January at the latest (depening on where you are in the world of course). 

It's been an honour and pleasure to have come together with you all on this and Ben, myself and everyone on the crew thanks you deeply for your help. 

Happy Christmas and an even happier 2013 to you all. 

Jake & Ben


Were you drunk when you thought of this? LOL Good luck with the project!
Interesting premise- smart to get Alan Rickman involved. Rickmaniacs will get involved. Think about changing the title though. There are other movies by the title of Dust. Is it too late to change it?
This plot sounds INTERESTING and could be told in many ways... pity for an addict, humor, horror, etc. The camera angles and coloring are some good effects to add to the viewing psychology.... Unlike the Song of Lunch, Please release this in the U.S. as soon as possible.
Will the signed DVD be compatible with DVD players that use NTSC encoding, not PAL? I want to give 50# and help out --and get the dvd--but I am in the US.
Hmmm...sprouts wings? Were you, perhaps, influenced by Megatron? Anyway, an Alan Rickman fan would say that (meaning me)!
How cool is this???!!! I'm inordinately excited about this and yep... I'm in! Had a little trouble maneuvering Paypal and I'm kinda beyond broke but this is a worthy cause. Was finally able to fire in a little monetary help. Good luck in completing this project...Don't care so much about getting in on the credits but the opportunity to be a part of it is great! It's not everyday some podunk chick from Ohio has the opportunity to help on a project like this one! You GO guys! (and girls) :). Can't wait to see the finished product!
It seems to be coming along nicely :-) Good luck with the filming next week, hope you will keep us updated with photos from the set and such.
Happy to be part of your project! Best regards, from Corsica Island !!
Not sure if the people making this have the time to read the comments, so please forgive me answering. I wrote to Jake last week to ask about the region coding and he said the DVD will be region free. Hope that helps :-)
"Rickmaniacs" is the stupidest terminology I have ever heard! Don't you mean "maniacs" as that is how most of them behave when they meet Alan!!! Great project though. I'm very happy to have a small part in it.
If Arthur Darvill likes this... I LIKE THIS. <3
How did the filming go?
I am very happy to help support this project in some small way, and I wish the very best of luck to all cast and crew involved with the film! Thank you!
Can't wait to see some pics, guys !
Regarding "Rickmaniacs"!!!! I'm not having a go at anyone in particular but it is a little childish to class ones self as such. Alan looking good mate. I so looking forward to more info/pics on Dust as it emerges. Good luck guys and I hope you make the target.
Very happy to support this project. Glad to hear the DVD is region free as I'm in the USA. Love the story and think it's very creative; also am a huge fan of Alan Rickman and would support anything he's part of. Money is tight but some things are worth it. Good Luck!
Thank you for the photos from the set! I really like the one with the three protagonists. My favourite Rickman role? All of them. If I have to choose, I'll be predictable and say professor Snape. Also Alex in Snow Cake, Alex in Galaxy Quest and Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd.
Thank you for the new pictures and the updates. As for favorite Rickman roles, there's no single one, but I adore Alex Hughes (Snow Cake), dear, misunderstood Judge Turpin (S Todd), and of course Colonel Brandon (S & S). He's also wonderful in Close My Eyes, tho. Oh hell, I'll just say "all of them." ;)
OH man! My favorite Alan Rickman movie...that's a tough one! I've attempted to answer it before but my favorite is the one I'm watching at any given time! He's got such a diverse portfolio. It's like a 25 way tie! Loved everything from Barchester Chronicles to Benefactors to Song of Lunch and Seminar (which ok, doesn't count as a movie but his performance was flawless!). Just WAY too much great work to pull one out as my favorite. Favorite portrayal would have to be the romantic guys (yeah I know, but as a unit...). Can't help it; I'm hopeless. :)
Leonard in Seminar! In films, it's difficult to say, but surely Snowcake, Close my eyes, Bottle shock (where he speaks french!), all the HP. ....and The Winter Guest that he directed, because he quickly appears in it, lol!
Aww how sweet that Mark picked Truly Madly Deeply, it's one of my favourites too. Jake, if you love the Sheriff then you'll probably enjoy From Sleep & Shadow www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUT4-JCTAQo Alan is utterly crazy and funny in this, much like the Sheriff. Hans Gruber is obviously a brilliant choice too, the charisma and presence he oozed was insane! It really is difficult to pick a best role, he elevates everything he's given, no matter how big or small the role or how crappy the writing is. But I particularly love his performances in Song Of Lunch, Galaxy Quest, Dogma, Sweeney Todd, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Something The Lord Made, Rasputin, Sense & Sensibility, Love Actually, The Search For John Gissing (Cheat, Steal, Lie), Close My Eyes, January Man and Quigley Down Under. P.S. Thank you so much guys for keeping us updated, hope everything goes swimmingly!
Tough question ! Love him as Judge Turpin in "Sweeney Todd", Franz Mesmer in "Mesmer", Snape (of course) in the Harry Potter series, Alex in "Snow Cake", the father of Laura (can't remember exact name) in "Perfume", Eli in "Nobel Son" are really funny too :), The Metatron in "Dogma" xD, Hans in "Die Hard" and I really love the movie "Closet Land" where he plays the interigator -But The BEST character -which is an almost impossible question to answer must be the lovely Col. Christopher Brandon in "Sense & Sensibility" :D <3
This is an almost impossible question to answer! I love him as Alex in "Snow Cake", Eli in "Nobel Son", Hans in "Die Hard", Severus S. (of course) in the harry Potter series, the father of Laura in "Perfume" (can't remember the exact name), judge Turpin in "Sweeney Todd", the metatron in "Dogma", the interigator in "Closet Land" and more.... But the two best characters, i can't decide which one is the best, are: Franz Anton Mesmer in "Mesmer" Col. Christopher Brandon in "Sense&Sensibility"
Alan is so good in everything it's almost impossible to say. But for me, if I had to pick 5 for a deserted Island stay they would be Snape, Slope, Gissing, Brandon and Leonard in Seminar. But I would spend an awful lot of time wishing I'd brought along Sweeney Todd, TMD and Close My Eyes. Oh and Song of Lunch. Ah forget it, it's impossible to say. Oh and Die-Hard and Bottleshock. Yeah it's impossible.
It's so hard to choose. Almost impossible, so I was thinking along the lines of moments. The moment Snape watches his petronus fly out the window, the sermon in Barchester Chronicles, the 'piss' scene in Gissing, the interrogation scene in Perfume, the reaction to being called a plagiarist in Seminar and that whole scene afterwards, reading to Marianne in S&S. Song of Lunch, Bottleshock, TMD, he's just too good in everything. Oh and one of my favorites, the look on Turpin's face when Todd says Joanna wants his forgiveness. 'Then she shall have it' It's all just classic stuff, unforgettable stuff. Eating the sandwich in Die-Hard. LOL When you think about it, Rickman has a career that is truly astonishing. Cannot wait to see Dust.
That's fantastic news Jake. Congrats on reaching your goal! Again, can't wait to see the finished product.
Congratulation on reaching your goal! Hope Dust is a hit!
He's fantastic in everything... but Hans Gruber is one of my favourites... I particularly like the bit where he turns to McClane and says the "yippee kai yay mother f***er" line... It cracks me up every time... That and "I will count to three, there will not be a four"... Brilliant.
Congratulations to our two passionate directors for reaching the goal so quickly! What an exciting project...I just can't imagine what it must be to live such an experience. I wish Dust the best and can't wait to hear more from Jake and Ben. Hugs from Corsica.
A stunning film of Mr. Rickman's was "Mesmer"....which indeed keeps everyone mesmerized. Bottleshock is another favorite as well as TMD...
Hey Ben and Jake - I couldn't agree more about keeping the ending hush hush. I'm enormously sorry I spoiled myself. I just started reading the 'overview' and in a few sentences suddenly there I was... in a place we find ourselves far too often these days = spoiled. I won't tell a soul and truly hope the beauty of the movie is able to remain intact for viewers. Spoilers are a huge pet peeve of mine. HUGE!! I once had a friend who insisted on going on line and finding out X-Files spoilers every week then calling and telling me about them even though I had made my feelings perfectly clear. I would say to her, why can't you just talk to the other people who enjoy spoilers and leave me out of it since you know I hate them, and she had no answer. She WANTED to spoil me! So mean!
Thanks for the update. No rush! We know it'll be worth the wait! Enjoy the process. :)
Hello Jake and Ben, and all backers. You talk about the Sundance Festival in Utah? It's planned in January, there will be four months left when your film will be completed. We cross our fingers!
Thanks, again, for the update. The excitement builds...
Hey, guys. Is there any chance of getting to view/rent/purchase the short film outside of a film festival viewing? Thanks for the updates and best of luck! Hope you make it to Sundance! - Jennifer
Can't seem to get all 49 comments to show up, but I'll ask away. 1. Can you give us an estimate of when backers might be getting their goodies (signed dvd, etc.)? 2. I saw the poster over at the German imbd site. Would love it if posters were somehow made available for purchase. 3. Any film fests lined up yet?
The poster is on the regular IMDb.com too, and it's fantastic. (http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1866968832/tt2404728) Also at IMDb.com, the movie's status is listed as "completed", updated on 19 September. The grapevine has it that the release party has taken place. So, dear filmmakers, I understand that actually getting stuff ready to ship takes time, but, pretty please, do throw us a verbal bone in the shape of a real update???
We've not heard anything since August, I'm starting to suspect that this isn't going to happen after all... -_-
I was thinking it's 2013 and we haven't heard anything :( but my computer was down for a few weeks and I missed your update. I'll be checking my mailbox daily! Really can't wait to see this movie and, of course, I hope I won something!!!! But anything with Alan in it is a prize, in itself. Happy New Year guys!
Would be really nice to know if you guys sent out the dvds already....I start to worry if I'll ever get my copy :/
Have faith - mine arrived yesterday, although it had to haul itself across the North Sea.
Appreciate all your efforts. Well worth the tiny contribution.
Unfortunately I was unable to contribute to this project. Does anyone know if (or when) it'll be available on iTunes?
Still no perk sent out -_- Given up waiting, it's been a bloody year since I contributed and we've heard almost zip out of you guys. The least you could have done was to keep your supporters updated, and you haven't even bothered doing that.


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