Disguise - A Short Film

Nottingham, GB

What is the Project?

An ambitious final year period short film based on a published short story by Alan Bradley.  

While walking in the park De Voors is lured into sitting next to Montague, a man he does not know but whom starts to engage in intelligent conversation, observing and deconstructing other people in the park. The jovialness of the situation soon turns sour when the conversation turns to murder and who could be the possible suspects.

Who's the Director?

Lesley is a final year student at Confetti Creative Insitute based in Nottingham, UK. She successfully funded her first film project last year with her Icelandic documentary about the Icelandic Horse which went on to win Confetti's best factual programe of the year. Now a short film drama is the challenge and she's not doing it lightly. A full cast and crew of 22...set in Victorian England...being shot outisde...in March. Better get praying to the sun gods!

What will you money go towards?

The money will help towards the cost of making the film. All cast and crew are giving up their skills for free so I would like to be able to cover their travel costs and provide food for the shoot dates. The main part of the funding from here will be used for the period costumes. There are 8 characters being portrayed and to dress these people head to toe costs alot of money. 

And hey, theres even a Penny Farthing bike and rider been arranged!

Costs broken down

Costume Hire       £450 

Food                     £130 (22 cast and crew) Breakfast, lunch and snacks

Travel costs         £300 (1 London Actor £150, £150 petrol)

Location Hire        £50

SFX/Props            £100

Total                     £1030


The film is being shot on a Canon 5D. 


Post production will start directly after shooting, with the main concentration being completed around easter.

Credits sequencing and DVD authoring will be completed by May 2012

Anything else?

Just a huge thank you to all of you that can afford to donate. This project wouldn't be the same without your contributions and every little really does help.

If you would like to follow the blog of the film in the making click here : disguisefilm.tumblr.com

If you would like to see behind the scenes of the shoot please click here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152158654906564.1073741827.515516563&type=1&l=8e4bf4db5b 

Fully funded!
Posted: Sunday, 24 March, 2013 - 23:03

A huge thank you to all you lovely generous people, friends, family and associates that have made this project a wonderful success!

It really does warm my heart knowing there are so many people who believe in me so much to part with their hard earned so again, thank you very much, you really made me feel very special.

I am now in the midst of editting which is going well, then it will be onto some special effects, adding all the sound and music elements and a final colour grade then, and only then, there will be a final film for you all to feast your gorgeous eyes on.

The end of May brings the student showcase at Broadway where all the final year film students show their film. I will be told the time and either morning or afternoon nearer the time but it would be great if you could come down and see what you helped achieve on the big screen in Europes largest independent cinema YAHOOOOOO!!!!

Peace and Love,

Lesley xx

Posted: Wednesday, 13 March, 2013 - 23:03

New photos have been added from the shoot this weekend and a link has been provided to see all of the album via facebook in the main project desciption.

The shoot went fantastic but there is still alot of fundraising to do in the next 7 days to reach our target to cover some of the costs of this film.

Huge thank you to all that have contributed and shared/talked about this project 

Much love,


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Pocket money

£5.00 or more : A lovely thought in the knowledge you have helped a young film-maker


Postcard of thanks

£10.00 or more : I will lovingly hand make and send you a postcard with much gratitude on it


Still of the film

£20.00 or more : You will receive a signed still from the film shoot as well as the lovely hand made postcard of many thanks


Limited Edition Screen Printed Film Poster

£40.00 or more : Limited edition screen printed film poster (design tbc), and all the other rewards from lower tiers - "Hey, all this stuff could be worth something some day!"


Executive Producer Credit

£60.00 or more : Along with all the other goodies listed above you will receive a executive producer credit on the film credits of the film.