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Below the Row

Below the Row is a short documentary captured on film exploring the craft and traditions of bespoke tailoring, focusing in particular on the relationship between one master tailor and his apprentice. James Weir, in his final year of his apprenticeship, epitomizes the bespoke ideals; immaculately presented and truly at home amongst his fellow craftsmen. For James, the firm that he works at holds ideals that suit his own approach to life that he wasn’t able to find elsewhere. Paul Frearson, a coatmaker for 40 years, trains the apprentices. Though softly spoken, his pride at passing on his craft is obvious. These men work below the shop floor of Henry Poole & Co. the first tailors to establish themselves on Savile Row, in the work rooms, just visible from the street.

The film is a study of those for which detail and precision are at the heart of their work. At a time when machine work is increasing its presence within firms, tailors are looking to stress the quality of their true bespoke work – a suit made entirely by hand. Tailoring is a craft surviving 200 years and takes highly skilled individuals 8 -10 weeks to create a unique suit. For the tailors, cutters and finishers; bespoke is the epitome of their craft. 

Film is a physical medium, one that you can touch and feel that demands a level of precision and craftsmanship not too dissimilar to that of a bespoke tailor. Therefore we believe that shooting on film will bring an extra dimension to the documentary that would be lost with digital capture. 

Rather than committing to an observational or fly on the wall aesthetic, the film will feature choreographed sequences. A portrait of the tailors amongst their settings, the documentary will depict the tailors within both the visually rich showroom and the chaotic workrooms below. Employing the use of close up diopters we aim to capture the rich textures and elegenace involved in creating a bespoke suit by bringing the audience to needle level.

How you can Help

Below the Row is currently in pre-production with the shoot scheduled for the end of March this year. Although each crew memeber is contribuiting financially to the film we are unable to fund this project alone and that is why we are asking for your help to raise £1000. Your donations will go towards:

2000ft of 16mm Fuji Tungsten Film Stock costing £180

The rental cost of a 138mm BDB Diopter Set which comes to £63. We are renting this from Onsight who gave us the best quote and have ensured an excellent service in the past.

The Processing and Telecine costs totalling £552 for the 2000ft. Again we have done our research into the best deals and are going to get this service at i-daillies.  

The remaining £205 will go towards travel expenses. Although we have secured free accommodation during the shoot we have to travel to London for research and meetings during the pre-production. Additionally we have the expense of bringing the tailors to Farnham to record interviews in a recording studio which we have access to for free.

Perhaps you will be persuaded by the fact that we bought one of the last batches of Fuji's 400t 16mm stock, after the announcement that they will cease production of motion picture film stock this year. Not only will you be investing in our film but you will also be investing in history!

We are only running this campaign till the 24th March 2013 so please donate now!

If you are unable to donate financially you can still help by raising awareness of the film by liking and sharing our Facebook page

Whether you are able to donate or not we'd like to thank you for taking the time to read about Below the Row.







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Striker - Assistant to the Cutter

£1.00 or more : Thank you for your donation. Every £1 gets us closer to our goal!


The Cutter - The "front-of-house" craftsman who measures, cuts and fits the garment

£5.00 or more : Thank you for your donation! We'd like to show our appreciation by thanking you on our Facebook page.


The Tailor - The hands that make the garment

£10.00 or more : Thank you for your donation! You will receive all of the above as well as a link to digital production stills before they are officially released!


The Master Tailor

£25.00 or more : Thank you for your donation! You will receive all of the above plus a personal letter from the director and producer.


The Finisher - Sews all the linnings and button holes by hand

£50.00 or more : Thank you for your donation! You will receive all of the above and will additionally be credited as a sponsor of the documentary.


Guv'nor - The proprietor of a bespoke tailoring house on or around Savile Row

£100.00 or more : Thank you for your donation! You will receive all of the above as well as a DVD copy of the film after it's festival run!


The Bespoke Suit

£150.00 or more : Thank you for your donation! You will receive all of the above as well as an invite to our premiere screening!


Savile Row

£250.00 or more : Thank you for your donation! You will receive all of the above as well a piece of movie history! We will be giving away one film can, containing a limited edition photo signed by the crew!