Behind The Big Top

London, England

Behind the Big Top is a psychological fairytale about a clown who is imprisoned and forced to perform in a travelling circus run by a sadistic Ringmaster.

Run Time 15 Minutes
Format:  16mm
Director: Jonas Trukanas
Starring: Ed Hughes as ‘Oskar the Clown’, Andrea Pelaez as 'The Mime' and Olegar Fedoro as ‘Vladimir the Ringmaster’.


Our story is about change. About Oskar the clown. He performs in a rundown Circus, in a world where places of safety and kindness are few and far between for people like him. His world revolves around and is controlled by the ringmaster, Vladimir, who keeps Oskar on a tight leash. From sudden acts of kindness, to outbursts of anger to remind him of his place, Oskar's world is bleak. Up until the arrival of the Circus' newest member, she is known only as Mime. Providing a new source of human interaction, this mute stranger threatens to change Oskar's world forever. She will show him what it means to be treated like a human, not just a clown and in addition feed Oskar's growing needs and ambitions, which far outstretch the confines of the Big Top. Our story is about change, changes in Oskar, changes that, if Vladimir can help it, will never happen.


A University for the Creative Arts BA (Hons) Film Production Graduation film.
We’re a group of hungry film students looking to create something that’s truly unique. It’s our final year and it’s the last time we’ll be working together for at least the next few years. We want to be able to look back and say. ‘This is where it all started!’.

Please take a look at our blog to find more about the finer details of our project! Its cast and crew! And to keep track of the production of ‘Behind The Big Top’ and how your donation is contributing towards its success!


To make Behind the Big top happen we need your help to complete our budget. With your donations, we will shoot in April 2012 and be complete by June 2012 please get involved and support independent cinema!
Crowd funding is a unique funding opportunity (small amounts of money from a lot of people) but, more than that, it puts filmmakers back in control by incentivising funding for short film projects.

We already have a chunk of our budget already, but we are hoping to raise another £4,200 (about $6,200) Please take the time to look at our rewards, we have some unique and exclusive opportunities to offer!

Your money will help us to:

Rent a Circus Big Top for the duration of the shoot. Courtesy of CHIPPERFIELDS ENTERTAINMENTS!
Allow The Cast and Crew to stay in accommodation while on shoot! 
Buy and process our Stock to shoot the film (Fujifilm 500t and 250D)
Help up cover the cost of renting a lens kit for the camera (Arriflex SR3)
Feed us!
Pay the cast for their travel expenses (The crews are paid for!)
Help us with entry fees to the many festivals we will be entering!
Printing and Casing for DVDS/Posters/Picture!

In return for this we have set up an incentive scheme so that even a modest investment is not without reward!


We have alot planned for once Behind The Big Top is finished.. It will be entered and screened at major film festivals around the world. We will arrange a private screening in London for people who have purchased the relevant perks!
You can also follow us on Twitter: @behindthebigtop Get into contact with us because we love to talk to our funders! : ) 

Thank you so much for your interest, it's not just about the money but the supporters we pick up on the way too and your support means the world to us!

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Quid pro quo

£1.00 or more : Okay, for £1 you will get a smile on your face and feeling of wellbeing knowing you have supported indie film makers with a ' Sponsume Funders' credit . :) You will also receive an email and twitter message saying thanks!



£5.00 or more : For £5, you'll get the above perks, plus a photo of something on set that your £5 actually bought once we are in production.


Candy Butchers

£10.00 or more : Now we're talking! For £10 you will receive the above. Plus a selection of printed photographs from the on set photographer!



£20.00 or more : For £20 you will see the show! including the perks mentioned above you will get a DVD copy of the film.



£50.00 or more : For contributing £50 you are certainly commited to supporting indie film makers and we salute you! You will receive the above perks as well as a A coffee cup especially made out to you including the films artwork on it! along with a goodie bag :)


The X

£100.00 or more : Triple digits! Okay now... You will get the DVD, The CD soundtrack and the mug deal including all the others mentioned so far. Plus since you crossed that magic number we'll give you a framed selection of larger photo's accompanied with a strip of film stock we used to shoot with!


The Entrepreneur

£300.00 or more : The film industry needs people like you! Including all the above you will get an Film and IMDB credit as an Associate Producer! Also you will get reserved seating for you (and family/friends) at the premiere and/or wrap party! And if you can't make that we can substitute a SIGNED poster!


Ring Master

£1,000.00 or more : Hello you full blown Exeuctive Producer! Welcome to your movie! £1000!!!Thats going to buy us the stock we need to shoot this out right (And process it at a lab!) or Allow us to Rent all the camera equipment we need for the duration of the shoot! As such, you get to be personally updated on the production and an invite to set anytime (even have a chair there for you!). All of the above but this time an Executive Producer Credit for the Film and an IMDB credit, Exclusive Artwork and Photography!